FMPerception is Ready for 19! Includes Features Designed for FileMaker 19! fast! accurate! easy to use!

FMPerception™ is the only RealTime Developer Intelligence utility available for FileMaker. It helps you develop the highest-quality FileMaker custom apps – faster and easier than ever before.

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FileMaker developers around the world LOVE FMPerception

Thanks a lot for the new Report Card feature. That’s really fantastic and extremely helpful. For me, FMPerception is the best FileMaker developer tool ever!

FMPerception instantly became one of my ‘can’t develop without’ tools – for its speed of analysis, and ability to query deep into every part of a solution.

“The pace of updates is fantastic. Thanks for a great product.”

The GUI and feature set are very impressive.

I just loaded it … and love it. It’s blazingly fast, compared to other tools. Another plus is it’s actually easy to navigate around and find things.

Just don’t fight with your databases anymore. If you’re debugging or refactoring FMPerception has eliminated the guesswork.

The new Database Report Card provides a comprehensive, diagnostic measurement that identifies and quantifies the quality of your app’s code.

NEW! The Database Report Card

Get a high level overview of your FileMaker system. The Database Report Card is designed to give you an indication of the complexity and potential problems in a FileMaker application – indispensable for a project that you have inherited!

NEW! Call Chain Visualization.

Call Chain Visualization literally adds another dimension to your perception of how your scripts work together. Follow the flow of your scripts from top to bottom with this two-dimensional flow chart of your scripts.

This interactive advanced visualization can give you a quick overview of the complexity of a group of scripts.
  • Every Detail Exposed

    Displays every detail of your FileMaker database structure in seconds by simply opening your FileMaker Pro Advanced Database Design Report (DDR) with FMPerception.

  • Multifile Support

    Generates a complete view of your multi-file solution so you can see everything in one place.

  • Security Audit

    Identifies security concerns like accounts with missing passwords and scripts that run with full access privilege.

  • Speed Up Slow Layouts

    Detects layout objects that may be bogging down your solution, such as objects that have local CSS or portals that require lots of relationships to resolve.

Find Upstream Scripts

If you ever need to change how a given script is called by other scripts, you’ll need to quickly find all the scripts that call it. Watch this video to see how quickly you can answer questions like this.

Build Your Own Tools

You can export the results of any search or query to a CSV file.  This makes it easy to build your own tools like this Custom Function checker we show in the above video.

  • Detects Broken References

    Finds broken references and unreferenced objects so you can fix them or remove them.

  • Find Where Something is Used

    Shows where specific scripts, global variables, layouts, fields and custom functions are used.

  • Search for Any Text String

    Includes a free-form text search to find virtually any string used in your app.

  • DiffViewer

    Documents the differences between two versions of a solution using the DiffViewer.

  • Modern Flexible Interface

    Displays details in a modern, customizable interface to meet your specific needs.

  • Code Snippet Library

    Makes it easy to copy snippets of code and paste into another FileMaker database.  It basically turns any DDR into a code snippet library. Watch Video

  • Stay Focused

    Eliminates disruptions to your workflow and coding mindset to help you operate at maximum productivity throughout the day. You will use it as part of your regular FileMaker development practice throughout the day and will wonder how you ever survived without it.

  • Supported Versions

    Works with FileMaker Pro Advanced 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18. Runs on Macs and Windows PCs.

Automated DDR Creation

FMPerception is so fast, you’ll find you want to automate the DDR creation step. We have some documentation on a few ways to do that. Here is video showing how we did it with Applescript.


  • Single User
  • $499
  • Install on up to 2 computers
  • free upgrades for 1 year after purchase
  • renew at 50% of List Price after the first year *
  • Small Team
  • $899
  • Install on up to 5 computers
  • free upgrades for 1 year after purchase
  • renew at 50% of List Price after the first year *
  • Medium Team
  • $1399
  • Install on up to 10 computers
  • free upgrades for 1 year after purchase
  • renew at 50% of List Price after the first year *
  • Large Team
  • $2199
  • Install on up to 20 computers
  • free upgrades for 1 year after purchase
  • renew at 50% of List Price after the first year *
  • Enterprise
  • $2999
  • Install on up to 50 computers
  • free upgrades for 1 year after purchase
  • renew at 50% of List Price after the first year *

* Important Note About License Renewals! By renewing your license each year for 50% off the list price, you will continue to get access to the latest versions of FMPerception. This is especially helpful now that FileMaker is shipping new versions every year.

Each license is good for up to the number of computers listed. However, we don’t care how you distribute the licenses within your company or organization. That’s up to you.

Documentation & Support

Check out the documentation page for FMPerception. If you still have questions, you have two options. FMPerception has a public forum on You can get answers from the community there.  You can also email us directly at

FileMaker Version Support

FMPerception works with FileMaker Pro, versions 12 and higher, anything with a .fmp12 file extension.

FileMaker versions 12 through 16 require FileMaker Pro Advanced, which was a separate product. FileMaker 17 and higher are only advanced for the Desktop.  So everyone can use FMPerception 🙂

We support the product on any version of FileMaker officially supported. See here for more details.

It does not work with FileMaker Pro 11 and earlier.

FMPerception was created by James David Ramsey