We build

Innovative Business Software

Formerly Geist Interactive

Applications and Integrations

We help our clients thrive by turning their innovative business ideas into innovative custom applications and integrations.

Wether it’s a custom mobile app, or a desktop based order to cash system, or internal web portal or a multi app integration workflow, the systems we build are designed to be flexible and maintainable, so our clients can continue to build in more innovation and make them better and better.

FileMaker Development Services

As the leading Workplace Innovation Platform, FileMaker is the perfect tool for custom applications and integrations.

Our team of award-winning, certified FileMaker developers has DECADES of experience building applications of all shapes and sizes. We are FileMaker Platinum Alliance Partners, and have served as FBC council members, DevCon speakers, and community MVPs.

Tools, Add-ons & Examples

Our award winning developer tools and add-ons are trusted by developers in over 50 countries around the world. They can help you with complex refactoring and project requirements.

If you are a developer, you’ll love our blog. It is loaded with great technical tips, videos and example files. Learn how to build your own Business Innovation Machine.