LedgerLink (formerly fmQBO) is the easiest and most powerful method for keeping FileMaker in sync with QuickBooks Online

The free trial comes with a 14-day license.

Otto Installer Note

If you installed LedgerLink with Otto, the default login info is admin:demo

LedgerLink is ready for FileMaker 19! Soon we will have an exciting release using the new features of FileMaker 19!

Pushes FileMaker data to QuickBooks Online to eliminate duplicate data entry between systems.

  • Creates New Records in QuickBooks

    Automates the creation of new customer records, invoices, purchase orders and more in QuickBooks Online – all of the data comes directly from FileMaker to populate the information in QuickBooks Online.

  • Stop Emailing the Accounting Department

    Eliminates the need to email PDFs and spreadsheets to accounting.

  • Eliminates Errors

    Eliminates errors associated with rekeying the same information twice.

  • Saves Time

    Gives you back hours and hours every month previously lost to inefficient processes.

FileMaker QuickBooks

No more rekeying, no more errors, no more time wasted.

Custom charts and reports are easy in FileMaker.

Pulls QuickBooks Online data into FileMaker to give non-accounting staff access to select accounting information without providing them sensitive QuickBooks logins.

  • Build Custom Reports and Charts

    Use FileMaker’s  built-in reporting and charting tools to make reports that do not exist in QuickBooks Online.

  • Improve Accounts Receivable

    Provides salespeople with lists of open invoices to prevent orders from being processed for customers with delinquent accounts.

  • Make Phone Calls More Effecient

    Shows customer service representatives inventory amounts on hand before scheduling repair calls.

Easy! It takes just minutes to start syncing

Includes a free starter solution you can use to get going right away.

It’s just FileMaker scripts and a tiny bit of connection magic. Everything is there for you to take apart and look at.

  • Installs In minutes

    You’re productive right away. Comes with a ready-to-use Starter Solution so you can connect FileMaker and QuickBooks instantly.

  • Start Immediately!

    Get started right away without having to learn the details of the QuickBooks API.

  • Extend and Customize

    Plus, you can create your own new scripts and customize those that are included to do even more.

Pure Unlocked FileMaker Sync Engine!


  • QuickBooks Online only!

    Does not support QuickBooks desktop versions.

  • Works with Supported FileMaker Pro, version 16 and higher

    FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go (with FileMaker Server), and WebDirect are all supported. LedgerLink requires FileMaker 16 or greater.

  • Runs on Macs and Windows PCs.

    Covers the entire FileMaker Platform

Powerful! Exposes the entire Intuit Quickbooks Online API

Nothing is hidden. Everything the API can do, LedgerLink can do as well.

Intuit Developer API

Since we don’t hide the API from you, you are free to do anything the API allows. Intuit maintains extensive documentation on the API. Check it out for the latest features and guides and reference material.

Powerful Sync Engine

The whole API is there for you to use, but you also get a full FileMaker based sync engine that already knows how to track changes and keep things up to date.

Common Use Cases Included

The stater solution has Invoices, Customers, Items, Payments, POs, and Vendors plus all the utility tables, like Payment Methods, Terms and Accounts already in place ready to go.

Documentation and Support

Check out our documentation for the answers to all your support questions. Or, if you prefer, just send us an email to support@geistinteractive.com

Looking for fmQBO v1 or fmQBO V2 Docs

Upgrading from fmQBO  V2

You aren’t required to upgrade. But if you want to you can start can trade in your old fmQBO License for a new one.