To celebrate DevCon 2018, the newest release of the FileMaker platform, and all things JavaScript, Geist Interactive is pleased to begin a contest called GoCreate, where you get to go wild and show off your most unique use of GoDraw3.
Use all of the power of GoDraw3 to create a unique user experience to solve a particular use case. Read all about GoDraw3, but here are some things you might want to consider:
  • Any of the tools and functionality can be removed or customized.
  • The app is simply FileMaker. Use all of your knowledge and skills of FileMaker.
  • Tagged objects can be used in some awesome way.

Who can get involved:

This contest is open to anyone attending DevCon 2018 of any skill level. Since GoDraw3 is simply FileMaker, anyone can participate; no knowledge of JavaScript is needed.

Here are the details:

  • Use the fully-functional trial version and use that for your implementation.
    • Note: the trial version includes a watermark image. Ignore it.
  • Contest Date range: Now through August 9 at 8:00 a.m.
    • Feel free to work on it now!!! Get Started.
    • Or wait until DevCon.
  • Where: DevCon 2018. You must be a DevCon attendee to win.
  • Winner announcement at 3:30 p.m. on August 9.

Here’s what to do:

  • Download the trial version of GoDraw3 and create a unique implementation of it. Be creative. Create something that would work for any of your current work, or go wild and dream beyond your day job.
  • Email a link to your project to


  • You must use GoDraw3 in your implementation.
  • You can use any part of the FileMaker platform including FileMaker 16 or 17 to create your design.
  • You can design it for FileMaker Go or FileMaker Pro Advanced. You’ll let us know which device it is meant to be on.
  • Your work must not contain any real customer data.
  • You are limited to one entry per person.
  • Your work will only be considered if you’ve emailed a link to your project to


A team of independent FileMaker developers at DevCon will judge each entry, scoring your submission as they reflect on:

  • How clever of an implementation is presented.
  • How does the submission ‘feel’?

Granted, these are rather subjective, but we’ll do our best to make it fair.


You can get support and questions answered in the following ways:

We will be available to answer specific questions about GoDraw3, not about how you can implement it. We want to see what you can do! 🙂


GoCreate! Using FileMaker GoDraw for something awesome

We’re excited to see what you create with GoDraw3.

Terms and Conditions
  • You only officially enter the competition when you have emailed a link to your project to
  • All submissions become property of Geist Interactive and will be used in promotional materials. We will credit the author.
  • Submissions have to follow the rules as set out above.
  • All entries must be submitted by August 9 at 8:00 a.m.
  • Geist Interactive have the right to remove any entry at their sole discretion.
  • Objectionable or offensive content will be disqualified.
  • The competition will be judged by an independent panel of FileMaker Developers from the community. The top three will be selected based on creativity, unique implementation of GoDraw3.
  • The winners will be announced at DevCon at 3:30 p.m. at the Geist Interactive booth and by email.
  • The winners have 7 days to respond and claim the prize; if no response has been received after 7 days, you forfeit your prize.
  • Geist Interactive reserves the right to exchange any prize for a prize of similar value.
  • The judges will be selected from folks outside Geist Interactive. 

GoDraw3 is a FileMaker drawing tool. Since it is FileMaker (100% native) and since you are a FileMaker developer, you can take this tool and do anything you want with it.

Use it as it is

When you first open the trial version, you’re given a complete set of familiar drawing tools with which to draw on an image or create an image from scratch. A user can:

  • Place text on an image
  • Draw with a brush or a line
  • Change the color/size/stroke/opacity of an object
  • Add an image
  • Tag data to an object
  • Copy/paste an object
  • Delete / undo / redo actions
  • Group objects
  • Change the size of the drawing canvas
  • Select/rotate/scale objects
  • Zoom in and out

And much more. There are so many possibilities for the user to use this for FileMaker drawing.

That’s great.

What FileMaker developers do

But FileMaker developers (you and me) are interested in much more than drawing. We’re interested in hacking at any tool to make it work perfectly for our users and for the custom app. Well guess what, you Ms. FileMaker developer, can do that to GoDraw3. You can hack away at this tool until it barely resembles the example editor. Please. We want you to hack at it. We want you to make it your own, and we’ve set it up for that very purpose.

How is hacking this possible? Because GoDraw3 is pure FileMaker. There’s nothing else you need to worry about. Since you know FileMaker, you can do whatever you want with this. Here’s a list of possibilities (woefully incomplete):

  • Add tool tips to the buttons
  • Remove tools that your users don’t want
  • Rearrange the tools
  • Change the background color
  • Add a button that only draws a purple circle with 50% transparency and with a yellow stroke
  • Change the default text to be 100 pt using Arial
  • Tag data to an object, and save that data to FileMaker
  • Include Snippets (JSON objects) & Favorites (.png or .jpg files) for reuse
  • Add a button that places a red arrow onto the canvas.
  • Make different tools available for different users
  • Adjust the size of the canvas
  • Remove the color palette
  • Disable the scaling or rotating of an object
  • Create a visual data-entry only system

And much more.

My hack

Here’s my hack.

My Method

This really looks a lot different than the example file. Here’s what I did:

  • Removed most of the tools
  • Included only buttons that draw specific colored circles.
  • Cleared the document size (I overrode the default document size) so this could go on forever, and as the picture grows, so too does the size.
  • Added the “Circle” script to each button and adjusted the “Circle” script to collect the fill color from the parameter on each button. No longer does it set an empty $toolOptions variable (as the example does) but instead the script gets the script parameter as the options. The Red circle has this in the parameter:

Hack away

GoDraw3 is a FileMaker’s dream tool. It is perfectly fine as it is for drawing, but FileMaker hackers will take great pleasure in hacking the heck out of it.

Go ahead. Download it. Hack it. Do what you want with GoDraw3.

GoDraw3 contains the word “draw” in it, and it certainly is a drawing tool. But it is not just a drawing tool. It can be used as a FileMaker visual data-entry system.

At the Doc

Check out this example called “Patients.fmp12” which illustrates a possible use in a doctor’s office. A patient comes in and describes pain points on his body. The doctor uses this app to place icons on a human body diagram to where the patient tells her. She can actually use circles and mark up the diagram. That’s cool, but what’s even cooler is that each of these icons is tagged with data: the body part and the current state of the body part.

Marking up a human body diagram and tagging the objects

Marking up a human body diagram and tagging the objects

This poor patient gets to identify the broken parts of his body, and the doctor quickly and easily marks the diagram with red circles. Upon save, the data attached to each circle creates a record and is saved.

The data from the objects gets saved to a child table.

The data from the objects gets saved to a child table.

Further, when the patient returns and reports of progress, say his left shoulder is fixed, The doctor can update the data for the paint point mark.

Updating an object’s data in the image updates the data in the table.

 Using our FileMaker skills

The script that does this is fairly simple. I used the “Find All Tags”  that came with the exampleas a subscript with a few modifications. This parent script then does the actual parsing of the JSON and either creates a new record or edits the existing body part record.

Example script.

Example script.


Drawing as data entry

This is just one example. But think, for a moment of the possibilities. Any developer could easily create a FileMaker visual data-entry system that is primarily visual for any number of projects. Here’s a small list (Thanks to Kirk Rheinlander for some of these.):

  • Equipment locations in hospitals (one record per floor) containing dates of service, warranty information, point of contact.
  • Seating charts for a wedding or a classroom. Guests or students are in related records, and each person gets assigned a seat in the venue.
  • Floor plans: assigning names to each room in the plan or showing the availability of each room for overnight guests.
  • Marking up a piece of art’s damaged spots.
  • Building inspections

In all of these cases, a FileMaker visual data-entry system might be easier for the users. It is visual, but the data is added to or edited from a table in the custom app. That’s pretty powerful.

Taking it even further

GoDraw3 can do even more:

  1. Since the picture is a simple JSON object, not only could the pictures update/add records, but the record information could update the picture. In my example above, let’s say the doctor changes the status of “Left Shoulder” from “broken” to “Fixed” in the portal there. That update triggers a script that updates the JSON of the drawing object tagged with “Left Shoulder”. In this scenario, the picture would have to be opened and saved, but the action of adjusting the value in the table COULD update the picture.
  2. Snippets in GoDraw3 are drawn objects on the canvas saved as JSON. These snippets can contain tags. So a FileMaker developer could create pre-tagged objects and store them in the app. During the exam, then, the doctor could access these snippets and place these pre-tagged objects on the canvas as needed.

FileMaker visual data-entry: Nothing but FileMaker

GoDraw3 is a FileMaker drawing tool. However, since the tool is native FileMaker, we can use our FileMaker skills to create a FileMaker visual data-entry system. And we can use our clever brains to come up with even more possibilities with this tool. FileMaker’s uniqueness allows us to do anything we want with the tools given. GoDraw gives us an additional tool with which to make the best custom apps possible for our clients.


We are excited to see and hear of what awesome scenarios the community comes up with with GoDraw. If you’ve played with the demo and have thought of a cool scenario for visual-data entry, let us know in the comments below.

Learn more about GoDraw3 and download the free trial. Give it a spin and see its awesome power.

If you want, check out the sample file. Download it here.

Welcome to GoDraw3: The FileMaker Drawing Tool.

GoDraw3 is a powerful FileMaker drawing tool. Its native FileMaker features gives freedom to a user and flexibility to the developer of the custom app.

Freedom for the User

There is a lot of freedom for a user of GoDraw3 to draw images and store them in FileMaker.

Any user is able to:

  • Create a brand new image or draw on an existing picture.
  • Use drawing tools such as a pen or shape tool inside GODraw3’s drawing canvas.
  • Save the image in one of four possible formats: .png, .jpg, .pdf, or .svg format and use these formats for other purposes.
  • Open an image and re-edit the drawing.
  • Use standard shortcuts to speed up the workflow.

Flexibility for the Developer

GoDraw3 is all native FileMaker.

FileMaker Drawing: All Native

The drawing canvas. All FileMaker buttons, scripts, layouts and other objects

Even though the drawing part of tool is a JavaScript application running in a web viewer the developer has complete control over the implementation and customization of this app. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The web viewer app is self-contained in a separate file, making it easy to integrate into an existing custom app.
  • The design of the toolbars buttons and other UI elements is all done in FileMaker, so you can completely change how it looks just using FileMaker Layout mode. Don’t want users to create Text, just delete the button. It’s up to you.
  • The buttons all run FileMaker scripts that eventually tell the GoDraw canvas what to do. Once you learn how those scripts work you can customize the heck out of what they do.  You can have buttons that only make blue circles, or Red Rectangle, or insert an image of your Han Solo action figure. You get to decide.
  • The image is stored three ways:
    • in the container in a format chosen by the user (.png, .jpg, .pdf)
    • in a text field as an .svg
    • in a text field as a JSON object
  • JSON is the perfect data format for storing the edited images. With FileMaker’s built in JSON functions you create and parse entire documents if you want.

Because of the native nature of GoDraw3, there are plenty of possibilities for customization. GoDraw3 is completely open a developer to do with it what she wishes.

The Best FileMaker Drawing Experience

GoDraw3 is the best way to draw in FileMaker, saving the image and then editing it later. We’re excited about the potential. We have a lot of thoughts on how it can be used, and we will be sharing those over the next few days. Stay tuned to our blog to learn:

  • Specific use cases for which GoDraw3 would be great.
  • How to fully customize this tool for your custom app.
  • The techniques built into the app.

Learn all about GoDraw3.

Download it for free to try it out. The demo comes fully functional, but does contain a watermark on the drawing. So give it a spin and see how easy it is to draw in FileMaker.