One Spark End of the Year Fundraiser


Seven years ago, my wife, Lori Peters and I started an experiment. We wondered if it would be possible to create an educational environment where the kids come first, where we could jettison the bureaucracy and red tape, and focus on what works. Could we find some way to keep the costs low and still pay the bills. It turns out we could, with a lot of help from you.

Dr Steve Yoshinaga, teaching chemistry at One Spark Acadmey

We started One Spark Academy that first year with seven students and four teachers. This year we have 58 students, and more than 10 teachers, and staff members. It’s our biggest year ever. We are getting so big that we need start thinking about a new building sometime in the not too distant future. In short, things are going really well. But we still need your help.

Geist Interactive continues to donate back office services and financing to One Spark, and each year we reach out to the FileMaker community and to our customers to ask them to consider donating to a worthy cause. If education is important to you, please consider giving to our end of year campaign.  Your donation is tax deductible. Every little bit helps.

Thank you

Todd Geist
CEO, Geist Interactive
President, One Spark Academy.

For more info on the campaign please visit:–2

For more information about One Spark Academy, please visit our website.

Lori Peters, Founder, and Executive Director, with three students from our Mapping the World by Heart class.

San Diego FileMaker User Group December 2017 Meeting

Come join us for our December meeting! We will be celebrating the holidays with beer, wine, cookies and other festive treats, and of course your favorite FileMaker tips and tricks.


Quick and Easy Dashboards with FileMaker

presented by Gary Hoffman

A dashboard is a good way to give decision makers important trend data so they can avoid surprises and take action early to avoid operational disaster. Rather than making busy managers pore over a lengthy report of tabular data, a dashboard gives a graphical view of timely key performance indicators meaningful to management. Get a whirlwind tour of FileMaker dashboarding techniques plus plenty of examples that you can use.

JSON Custom Function Super Powers

presented by Todd Geist

FileMaker 16 opened up a new world with its new world of possibilities with its native support of JSON. Although JSON in combination with Data API’s gets all the hype, JSON itself can have a huge impact on how we write our regular FileMaker code. We’ll take a look at some Custom Functions we created that build on top of this awesome power to make your FileMaker Scripts and calcs even more powerful. It’s like getting bitten by a radio-active software bug. You’ll never be the same.

Case Study: Partnerships with Industry

presented by Lance Brandenburg and Dave Graham

Lance built a mobile Time Sheet application as part of our ongoing support of Partnerships With Industry.  Dave and Lance will discuss what went into the design and structure of the application and how it fits into the PWI’s larger plan.



December Meeting

Monday, Dec 11, 2017, 5:30 PM

Geist Interactive
1855 First Ave, Suite 100 San Diego, CA

8 Members Attending

Come join us for our December meeting! We will be celebrating the holidays with beer, wine, cookies and other festive treats, and of course your favorite FileMaker tips and tricks. Topics Quick and Easy Dashboards with FileMaker presented by Gary Hoffman A dashboard is a good way to give decision makers important trend data so they can avoid su…

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Get FMPerception and Training for Free

Get FMPerception for Free!

FMPerception is the fastest FileMaker analysis program on the market today. It is so fast and so thorough that it becomes part of how you “perceive” your solution. It becomes your 6th sense, your FMPerception!

But suddenly acquiring a new perception could be a bit daunting. What do you look at first? What’s important? How do you find the answer to a question you have about your solution?

We’d like to help people develop this new perception on their own solutions. So we are giving away a copy of FMPerception and a free 2-hour consultation to a select few FileMaker Developers. Here is how it’ll work.

Real World

The best way to show people how to use FMPerception is with real FileMaker apps that people actually use to get stuff done.  Demo files can only go so far.  FMPerception shines in the real world. So, we are looking for people with real-world solutions that they think could be improved by using FMPerception and adopting it as part of their development workflow. We’d like to sit down with them ( over screen-share ) and spend some time going over what FMPerception can do for them.

What You Get

If selected to participate, you will receive:

  • A free single-user license for FMPerception good for one year of free updates.
  • Two-hour training and consulting session with

In that two hour consultation, we’ll focus on using FMPerception to improve both your custom application and how you work on it. You can ask any questions about how to solve particular problems you are facing or just more general problems that you think FMPerception could help you with. We can also answer any more general questions about application architecture and development practices in general.

If you already own a single user FMPerception license we’ll extend your free upgrades for two years. If you have a larger license like a Small Team license, we’ll give you $499 off your next renewal. In all cases, you’ll receive $499 cash value.


This is not for everyone. There are some requirements that some people may not ok with. So please read carefully. You have to be ok with us recording the session, and publishing the recording in some form on our website.  We intend to use these sessions as market research and marketing. They will be made public in the form of blog posts or marketing videos. We’ll give you a chance to review the recording before we take it public. You can ask us to remove anything particularly sensitive, like security or passwords that get accidentally recorded.

We will not make the actual FileMaker files or the XML DDRs available for download. Only the recordings will be made public.

We are also looking for applications that are somewhat complex. A single file with just a couple of tables probably isn’t enough. We are looking for solutions that have at least a dozen tables, and many scripts and layouts. Multi-file solutions are fine, even preferred.

If you are still interested in this offer see the form below.

How to Apply

Fill out the form below.  If your solution is chosen we’ll get in touch to schedule the session.

  • Please enter a value greater than or equal to 1.
    How many tables are in your system?
  • Please enter a value greater than or equal to 1.
    How many files are in your system?
  • Do you understand and accept that we will record the consulting session and make an edited version of it publically available? Do you have the right to give such consent?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

San Diego FileMaker User Group October Meeting


The San Diego FileMaker User Group is meeting Monday, October 16th at 5:30 PM at our office (address below). There will be pizza, other appetizers, beer, and soft drinks available. We’ll have some time to mingle a bit before the presentations begin. If you are in the area and you use FileMaker Pro or are interested in learning about what FileMaker Pro can do, please come by.


We are continuing our exploration of the new features in FileMaker 16 and how they change how you might design a FileMaker Custom app. We have a couple of topics on tap, but there is also some time for general Q and A.

LiveCode for FileMaker

Presented by Kevin Miller, CEO of LiveCode

LiveCode for FM brings the world’s only native app building platform for everyone to FileMaker. Drag-drop to create a full user interface experience, include rich graphics and multimedia, write code in English to crunch data from any source, or integrate your FileMaker app with the operating system or web APIs. The combination of LiveCode and FileMaker brings infinite possibilities to your FileMaker apps.

Error Trapping

Presented by Todd Geist

Let’s face it. Bad things happen. When that happens in your Custom FileMaker Application you want to make sure you catch and handle those errors in a graceful way.  The first part of that strategy is trapping errors in your script. We’ll take a look at some simple Error Trapping strategies that can use to make your FileMaker Applications better able to handle the unexpected.  We’ll see how FileMaker 16’s Native JSON function once again prove to be critical in how we solve this problem.

Server Side PDF Generation

Presented by Dave Graham

FileMaker 16 brings with it the ability to generate PDFs on the server. We’ll take a look at this new feature and how it can be used with Server-Side Scripting and Web Direct. You’ll see how you can email beautiful PDF reports from the server on a schedule without having to run a robot machine. We’ll also see exactly how to make this work on Web Direct.


Geist Interactive, San Diego
1855 1st Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Meetup Group

Check out our Meetup Group. Join up if you’d like to get notified when we the meetings are happening.

San Diego FileMaker Pro User Group

San Diego, CA
28 Members

This group is for anyone interested in developing or deploying FileMaker solutions. Developers of all skill levels are welcome. Customers, potential customers and end-users lo…

Next Meetup

October Meeting

Monday, Oct 16, 2017, 5:30 PM
10 Attending

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Free FileMaker JavaScript, JSON and cURL Training Series

At last months FileMaker DevCon, I had the honor of presenting 8 hours of training for the Innovation Track. The material covered JSON, cURL, the FM Data API and JavaScript.  It was great fun. But it was a lot of material, and we didn’t get all the way through. In order to make sure that everyone has access to this very important material, I am going to be releasing a very long series of videos, blogs, tutorials, and webinars covering all of the material, starting in the first week of September 2017.  Here is how we are planning to pull it off.


I’ll be releasing a video, tutorial and sample files at regular intervals, hopefully, every week. There will be a slack channel for people to ask questions. And we’ll have occasional Webinars for advanced topics and tutorials. We plan to do this for as long as we have topics.  See Below for the Topics we’ll be covering.


If you are interested in getting notified when this gets going, signup below.


JSON, cURL and Tools

We’ll spend some time on these.  But not as much as the JavaScript stuff.

  • Using JSON in FileMaker Development
  • Reading API documentation
  • Using Tools
    • Generator and PostMan

Publishing an API with FileMaker and JavaScript

These will cover connecting to FileMaker with the both the FileMaker Data API and XML Gateway. It will also cover the basics of node.js development, all the way up through building a full API to connect to FileMaker

  • Intro to Node.js Development
  • Setting up your Dev Environment
  • Connecting to FileMaker
  • FM Data API
  • XML Gateway
  • Connecting with OAuth ( maybe? )
  • Intro to Express.js API Framework
  • Connecting to FileMaker from Node.js
  • Create a Full Express API connecting to FileMaker

Publishing An API with FileMaker and JavaScript Part 2

These will cover advanced topics, such as deployment, application architecture and other frameworks

  • micro.js
  • feathers.js
  • GraphQL
  • deployment
    • pm2
    • now cloud service

Custom Web Publishing with FileMaker and JavaScript

Here we’ll look at using a few react.js based frameworks to produce websites that are super fast, responsive, and interactive. The site will connect with FileMaker APIs we covered in the first section.

  • Intro to React
  • Using Bootstrap with React
  • React Router
  • Data Fetching from a FileMaker Server
    • Axios, Fetch and Appolo
  • Gatsby Site Generator
    • Super fast Hybrid Sites




Geist Interactive Wins Third FBA Excellence Award In Four Years

This year’s FileMaker DevCon was a blast. Our booth was often packed 3 and 4 deep with people trying to catch the latest on FMPerception. We delivered over 10 hours of presentations, training and vendor sessions. We won our third FBA Excellence Award in 4 years. Coming on the heels of our promotion to Platinum FBA Partner, I couldn’t be more thrilled with how DevCon went.

FBA Excellence Award

Way way back in 2014, Jeremy Bante and Geist Interactive won Commerical Product of the Year for Barcode Creator. In 2015, we were recognized with an FBA Excellence Award for Development for our role in creation and documentation of the Selector Connector graph pattern. This year we won for FBA Excellence Award for Advocacy, for our work in evangelizing and advocating for the powerful new FileMaker Platform.

We think a strong vibrant community is essential to the success of any platform, FileMaker included. We make contributing to the community a core part of our strategy. The FBA Awards are a way to recognize the efforts of individuals and companies all across our ecosystem for their contributions to the platform.  This year’s group of winners was excellent and we are proud to be among them.


Dave Graham, our VP of Services, gave a presentation titled “Data Modeling that Scales”.  Even though it was his first ever DevCon presentation, he looked like an old pro up there. He kept The packed house glued to the screen as he walkd everyone through using the Party Model to model Contacts and their myriad relationships.


I gave an 8 hours training on the latest new stuff in FileMaker centered around web integration. It was a huge topic and we covered a lot of ground; everything from cURL and JSON to building APIs with node.js.  By the end of the day, we had a room full of people, many of whom had never opened a text editor or a terminal, building a node.js HTTP API connected to FileMaker.

I’ll be giving that training again in one form or another very soon. If you are interested in finding out about that signup to get notified when the dates are set.

We also gave a sort of a preview of our new starting kit, called Karbon. Karbon is for building ambitious FileMaker custom applications. It uses modern software design principles to bring a level of scalability, modularity, and robustness, that is difficult to achieve otherwise. We’ll have more information about that very very soon.

Product Expo

Our booth was busy all the time, even during the in between time. Barcode Creator is always a hit, and FMPerception was on pretty much 24/7 at the booth. Dave Ramsey has developed quite a following as the guru of all things database analysis related. He was a non-stop FMPerception presenting machine.

This DevCon marks one year since FMPerception was first released. The response has been awesome. We have tried to reward such phenomenal support by releasing 33 new versions in the first year. We don’t plan on slowing down in year two either.

Biggest DevCon Ever

1600 people from all over the globe attended DevCon this year. That’s a new record. Clearly, I am not the only one who thought that FileMaker 16 was the biggest release since 7. It was great to see such a large crowd. The future of the FileMaker is bright indeed.

Thanks to everyone who came to visit us at our booth, or came to one of our sessions. You are the reason we go to DevCon.

DevCon 2017 Sales

We are still off at DevCon. What a ride!!!!  But we just wanted to let you all know the DevCon Sale is still going on. Here is a discount code that will get you 20% off every product in our store.


We’ll have a DevCon update next week. 🙂

Generator v2.0.6

One of Generator’s primary jobs is to remove the tedium of doing the same thing over and over again.  Not only is it boring, but it is error prone.  If something can be automated it should be automated. In v2.06, Generator makes it even easier to go from JSON to FileMaker database fields. We’ll cover that in this video.

If you have some JSON on your clipboard you can quickly create all the fields in a FileMaker table, and create a script that maps those fields to your JSON object.  It takes about 30 seconds.  Of course, if you already have fields in your table you can map to those too.

There is clearly more we can do here.  We could add the table for example, or we could try to guess the field type before we create the field.  We’ll get to that at some point.

It’s Free!

By the way, in case you didn’t know Generator is completely free an unlocked!

Happy Generating 🙂

San Diego FileMaker User Group – July 7th, 2017

The San Diego FileMaker User Group will meet again July 7th at 5:00 PM. Anyone who uses or is interested learning more about the FileMaker Platform is invited. This month Marc Larochelle from Productive Computing will be presenting on the ins and outs of FileMaker hosting in the modern era. The hosting story is rapidly changing as we shift more and more into the cloud. Come hear how to get it done right.


5:00 PM Drinks and Snacks
5:30 User Group Meeting Starts
5:45 Presentations

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About FileMaker Hosting but Were Afraid to Ask

Come join us where presenter Marc Larochelle from Productive Computing, Inc. gives us all the gory details, the dos and don’ts, and the pros and cons of FileMaker hosting.  Certified in FileMaker and AWS, Marc will explore the differences between on-premise versus cloud hosting.  Visit the future where we show you a brief look at AWS (Amazon Web Services) under the hood and hosting with FileMaker Cloud.  Discover all the other aspects of hosting you may not have even considered.  Walk away from this armed with the knowledge that you have a much better understanding of what it means to host a FileMaker database system giving you a big leg up on your next deployment.

Card Windows ( if time allows )

FileMaker 16 Card Windows are the big sleeper feature in this release. They have a couple of interesting unexpected behaviors that make them very good at making module solutions. We’ll take a quick look at how that works and what that might mean.

7:30 PM End


Geist Interactive, San Diego
1855 1st Ave
Unit 100
San Diego, CA 92101

Geist Interactive at FileMaker DevCon 2017

This year’s FileMaker DevCon is not to be missed. FileMaker 16 is the biggest most important release since FileMaker 7 more than a decade ago, and DevCon is the place to be to catch up on all the shiny new features.  Geist Interactive will be there with much of our team. We’ll have a booth, and we’ll be quite busy with presentations and product announcements.


Dave Graham will be presenting on Data Modeling That Scales on Wed June 26th at 1:00 PM. Dave will be talking about how to put together your relationship graph, so it remains flexible and scalable as your solutions evolve.

Todd Geist will be leading one of the training day sessions called “Connecting FileMaker to the Web.”  This class will focus on FileMaker 16 new abilities to connect with just about any API, and it’s remarkably tight integration with the modern web platform powered by HTTP, JSON, and JavaScript.


We’ll be demoing several of our very popular developer tools at our booth. FMPerception is the fastest database analysis tool available today. Barcode Creator is the easiest way to add Barcode generation to your FileMaker solutions, and fmQBO gives developers the power to connect their FileMaker solutions to QuickBooks Online.


Karbon is our new free advanced FileMaker business template.  Karbon is the result of more than two decades of building and supporting FileMaker business systems blended with a thoroughly modern approach to modularity, data modeling, integration, and design.  We’ll be releasing it at DevCon. You can come and check it out at the booth, and it also has its own vendor session.  See below for times and dates.

Vendor Sessions

We also have two special Vendor Sessions. Dave Ramsey, the creator of FMPerception, will be leading an in-depth look at all of the ins and outs of FMPerception. That will be Tuesday, 10:30 in Grand Canyon 5.  We’ll also be talking about Karbon at 10:30 AM on Wed also in Grand Canyon 5.

The Big One!

This is a big DevCon, at an impressive hotel. I mean, come on, forget about all the excellent content, the hotel has a Lazy River! Who’d want to miss that!  Hope to see you there.