FileMaker Top Call Stats Analysis With FMPerception

If you turn on the Filemaker Top Call Stats log, FileMaker Server will log the longest running operations, during a log interval.  It saves up to 25 calls per logging interval. This is a great resource to help find those areas of your database that might not be performing well. But it is difficult to read.  First, there is a lot of data. You’ll need to import it into a FileMaker Database or a spreadsheet to be able to do any kind of sorting or filtering. Second, FileMaker Server doesn’t use the names of elements when it saves them in the log. It uses the internal IDs. This is good for security but it makes it difficult to tell what’s going on.  FMPerception has a new feature that can help you make sense of your log. Read more

fmQBO is Mob of Microservices

What the?  Yeah I know, weird huh?  But it is kind of true.  Okay so maybe not a “mob”. It’s more of a “collection”. Our FileMaker to QuickBook Connection tool, fmQBO is a collection of micro-services that work together to form a larger set of features. The only reason this matters is that it lets us innovate and iterate super fast. Watch the video to see what we mean.

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Happy Holidays & Best of 2016


On behalf of all of us at Geist Interactive including Bella, my American Bulldog, I would like to wish you a happy holiday season – and thank you for all your incredible support in 2016! Woof!

It has been a great year for Geist Interactive, and I’m grateful to have worked with such great clients, talented partners, the staff at FileMaker and developers all around the world.  A few highlights include:

  • The wonderful reception to our “Custom Software is a Right” movement.
    • We believe that people should not be stuck with software that doesn’t do what they need it to.  And that they can, and deserve, a system that is tailor-fit to their business. FileMaker and the development community are delivering on this concept in a huge way, and we are proud to be changing the lives of business owners every day.
  • Participation in the FileMaker Business Alliance Partner Council.
    • The FBA council is made up of nine FBA members from around the world. We meet several times throughout the year to help the team at FileMaker with strategy and product direction. I look forward to many great things in 2017 – stay tuned!
  • Hiring Dave Graham to head up Professional Services.
    • We now have a full-time person responsible for our custom development team!
    • Learn more here ->
  • Launching three new products: FMPerception, fmQBO and Barcode Creator
    • In addition to our custom software development services, we also make add-ons and developer utilities for the FileMaker platform. We finished two new versions this year, and invite you to download free trials if you havent’t already.
      • FMPerception v1.0 the fastest, most-accurate database utility for searching, analyzing and maintaining FileMaker custom apps.
      • fmQBO v2.0 – the easiest, most-reliable method for keeping FileMaker in sync with QuickBooks Online.
      • Barcode Creator v1.5 – The easiest way to generate Barcodes with just Filemaker.
  • Thousands of views of our “JavaScript is Eating the World” video.

A personal highlight is the work that we do in our community. Thank you to everyone who is part of the non-profit education center that my wife and I founded called One Spark Academy.  We’re so thankful to everyone who has contributed to the success of this organization that has helped more than 150 children.  Learn more or donate to our year-end fund drive here:

I wish all the best to you and your families in 2017, and I look forward to connecting with you again in the New Year.

Warm regards,
~ Todd

Todd Geist
Geist Interactive

FileMaker Accounting Integration Webinar

FileMaker is a great platform for building custom data driven applications. But should you use it to build your own custom Accounting solution? Probably not. In this FileMaker Accounting Integration webinar hosted by FileMaker Inc, we cover the benefits of building custom business applications with FileMaker and integrating them with Quickbooks Online.

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FileMaker Script Call Chain Visualization – FMPerception

We are very excited to release the prettiest new feature to hit FMPerception, since it’s initial release. It’s called the Call Chain Diagram.  You can use the diagram to easily visualize all the scripts that call or are called by a given FileMaker Script in an interactive 2D chart.

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JavaScript is Eating the FileMaker World Video

My presentation, “JavaScript is Eating the World” was released last week along with the rest of the Web Track presentations.

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FMPerception for Windows Now Available

FMPerception is now available for Windows PCs, making FMPerception the fastest Windows FileMaker Analysis tool available. Get up-to-date and detailed information about your database without waiting for a lengthy import and analysis step. Whether you use a Mac or a Windows PC or both you can get the answers you need to stay in your flow and keep getting your work done.

Windows FileMaker Analysis

Staying in the flow is important while you are working on FileMaker system. If you have to wait for too long to get an accurate answer to a question, you risk losing your place. You may forget important details about what you were doing, or why you were doing it. At the very least you are going to waste time having to reload all the information about what you were doing into your brain so you can get back to work.

Detailed Accurate Useful Information

FMPerception parses the FileMaker Advanced Database Design Report quickly to give you detailed information that can help you find the answers to the questions you need to build and maintain awesome FileMaker Solutions. Here are just a few of the things you can do with FMPerception for Windows and Mac.

  • Locate broken and unreferenced and potentially unused elements, like custom functions, scripts, and fields.
  • Find every place you used a $$variable or a field or a script.
  • Get a list of potentially slow layout objects.
  • Quickly find the differences between two versions of the same solution.
  • Use freeform text search to find anything in your FileMaker system.
  • Build your own tools on top of FMPerception.
  • and much much more


FMPerception is available starting at $499 for a single user license. You can activate that license on up to two computers of your choosing. It can be two Macs, two Windows PCs, or one of each. It’s up to you. Multiple user discounts are available on our Team licenses. If you already own a license but haven’t used both activations for it yet, then you can use the second activation on a Windows PC.


If you need to upgrade from a single user license to one of the team licenses, email to request an upgrade.

DevCon Sale 2016

It’s time for DevCon. Yay! Come by the booth and say “hi”, if your here. If you’re not here, don’t worry, we got you covered. You can still get 20% off all our products with the discount code below.

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Dave Graham Joins Geist Interactive

DaveWe are very excited to announce that effective July 1st, 2016, Dave Graham, will be joining Geist Interactive as vice president of professional services.  Dave brings an extensive set of skills and experiences as an executive, a consultant, and an outstanding FileMaker developer. He is a true triple threat, and we are thrilled to have him.

Dave is coming to us after a three-year stint as the VP and CIO of the nonprofit San Diego Workforce Partnership, where he was responsible for all aspects of the information systems, including managing the development and maintenance of all FileMaker systems. Before joining the San Diego Workforce Partnership, Dave founded and led the FileMaker development firm, Bit Tailor, LLC. He also served as the director of database services at Productive Computing and as the director of IT at Partnerships With Industry. All told, he has over 21 years of FileMaker and IT experience.

As the VP of professional services at Geist Interactive, Dave will be responsible for leading our custom software development team.

If this were a corporate press release, Dave would have said: “For some time I have wanted to return to consulting, which is where my passion lies. Todd is the creator and distributor of top-notch products and is recognized the world over as a leader and innovator in the FileMaker space. Geist Interactive was ‘hands down’ my first choice when I thought of the place I’d love to work. I’m thrilled to be working with Todd to position Geist Interactive as a leader in custom development.”

But this isn’t a corporate press release, so he just said this instead: “We believe that custom software is a right, and we are going make sure anyone who wants it can get it. Let’s kick it up a notch!“

We’ll be adding to our team so If you think you’d like to be a Geist Interactive developer, please contact Dave at Also, If you are going to be at DevCon in a couple of weeks, come by our booth and say “Hi”.

v1.5 of Barcode Creator Released

We rolled out a new version of Barcode Creator over the weekend. We added support for another symbology bringing the total to 19, and we added one improvement to the QR Code generation. This upgrade is free for all owners of Barcode Creator. You can download it from your account at Geist Interactive

New Symbology

Added the “GS1 DataBar Expanded” symbology. This is the same as DataBar Expanded, but with strict GS1 validation. (DataBar Expanded behaves the same: it will still encode data as GS1 if the input follows GS1 formatting rules, but will also tolerate non-GS1 data, as before.)


Improved QR Code compatibility with scanners that do not use the default configuration from the QR Code 2005 specification (including FileMaker Go).


It is always best to start over. Delete the old Barcode Creator module folder and copy and paste or import the new one into your file. Then reconnect your scripts.