The JavaScript Library Library

ChartingC3 JSThe C3 Charting library is one of the best libraries out there for charting. It gives us control over almost every pixel of the graph. We can update bar colors, text size, date and number formatting. There’s so much to customize.
This library is powerful, but it is simple to set up. It taps into the powerful but confusing D3 JS library.
It has 8.6K stars on and is used by 3.9K users. It is well known.
– Use to display one graph of many types.
– Use to create a dashboard of many graphs (possibly combine with the DataTables library).
– Allow users to add or remove data or to change the type of graph.
ChartingGoogle Charts
TableDataTablesDataTables is a JavaScript library that takes your data and turns it into a table in a web viewer. The built-in features provide a lot of functionality out of the box, and the library can handle thousands of records.
The DataTables library has been tested by thousands of users and is used many places throughout the web. It is a reliable library.
Date Picker
TreeData Tree
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