Sound Works Productions

“By integrating FileMaker and QuickBooks Online using fmQBO from Geist Interactive, I am able to take the time to build my business the way I want to and still manage all my finances the way I want to. The system we’ve built is so powerful, I can’t imagine working any other way. It’s totally empowering!”

Eric Lindholm, CEO
Sound Works Productions

FileMaker Account

Sound Works Productions saves 19 hours per week by eliminating duplicate data entry between FileMaker and QuickBooks Online


Sound Works Productions is a successful audio, video, and lighting production company based in Illinois. They have several account managers who work with clients, vendors, equipment, labor, venues, invoices, timesheets and more. They have a FileMaker system that manages all the details of running the business except the accounting, which is handled by QuickBooks Online and an external accounting firm. This led to spending about 20 hours each week doing duplicate data entry between FileMaker and QuickBooks with very little detail about each transaction being entered into QuickBooks – which caused a lot of problems when it came time for quarterly reporting and tax preparations, not to mention the uneasy feeling that comes with not knowing all the financial details of a business that you’ve built from the ground up.


Sound Works turned to Geist Interactive to create a FileMaker custom app that would integrate with QuickBooks online accounting software using Geist Interactive’s fmQBO connection software. Now, orders and invoices are created in FileMaker and sent automatically to QuickBooks, with no additional data entry. Payments can be categorized and recorded in either their FileMaker custom app or in QuickBooks and are synced both ways.


Sound Works has gone from spending 20 hours per week in QuickBooks to spending just 1 hour – freeing up, Eric, the business owner to focus on growth and other process improvements. Account managers feed input into fmQBO, and it does the rest of the work for them. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that his business is in complete control and full financial details are completely up to date at all times has made an incredible difference in the business and individual lives of all involved.