Pro Tools

Karbon is a professional developer toolkit intended to be used with modern development practices

Important! Karbon is not a product. It doesn’t come with support. It isn’t now nor will it ever be “done”. It is a continual work in progress. If you aren’t comfortable with such a scenario, you’d be happier with another solution.

Karbon is and always will be free. However it may have optional features that are provided by third party services or modules. These may require a fee.


Karbon Application Features


Karbon has a robust set of CRM features, based on the party data model. It includes Contacts, Customers, Invoices, Sales Receipts Opportunities and Activities.


Karbon optionally Integrates with Quickbooks Online through our LedgerLink product. The integration was designed to allow another accounting system like Xero serve the same role as QBO.  You can also turn off Accounting integration.

With this integration enabled Karbon can sync Invoices and Sales Receipts, Payments, Attachments, Customers, Items, and many other QBO Accounting entities.


Karbon can also optionally handle Electronic Payments with Credit Cards and ACH withdrawals, using LedgerLink as well.

Framework Features


This is the safest way to write scripts that affect multiple data tables and/or records. Karbon transactions also makes it simple to cache data for performance reasons, and validate business rules.

Code Generation

Much of the code we write are repetitions of common patterns (e.g., parameter validation, initializing parameters). We can generate code based on a library of common patterns and existing database schema; this produces higher quality and more consistent code, and saves a ton of time in the process.

Modular FileMaker

Karbon both embraces modules and has created its own modules that can be reused from project to project. Why reinvent the wheel for other projects that aren’t based on Karbon?


Our scripts in the kontroller file are designed to expose Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) functionality in a consistent, testable fashion to FileMaker clients and external applications.


Our testing module allows us to validate that our script APIs are functioning based on a series of unit tests

Data Model

Karbon uses industry standard data modeling techniques to create a data model that is both flexible and robust. The contact management system is an implementation of the Party Model

Inbound Web-hooks

The Inbox feature of Karbon Connector handles inbound data flows from other systems. Data lands here first before being processed into the system.


Based on jsDocs, Karbons documentation standard is readable by human and machine, making it well suited to developer tools like Generator and FMPerception