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Generator™ Makes it Easy!

The first ever, Free & Open Source FileMaker developer utility for integrating with web APIs and JSON data.

New! Fully Supports FileMaker 16 and Higher

It makes it faster and easier to connect your FileMaker custom application to any other API-supported website or service.

By creating ready-to-use scripts that are pre-integrated with web and JSON APIs, you can quickly and easily connect your FileMaker solutions to any supported website or service. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

And now it can generate code that uses the native built in FileMaker 16 functions and script steps.

Generator, is completely free and open source. Give it a try, today!

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Takes the Trouble out of Working with Web APIs

If you are new to cURL and HTTP Requests

Generator can help you by guiding you through the process of working with Web APIs. You fill out a form and select from options in drop-down menus to create a request; then you can test it with the push of a button.  Once you have it working, press a button, and you have working scripts ready to be pasted into your own solution.

If you already know how to work with Web APIS

Generator can help you too, by making it easy for you to experiment with APIs, correctly formatting the request, and generating working code when you’re ready to move it into your solution.

Works with any JSON-based API

Generator takes the tedium out of working with APIs. Once you learn it for one of API, you’ll be able to use it for any API out there that uses JSON

Here are a just a few of the thousands of APIs that Generator can help you with.

Generator Makes Working with JSON Easy

Map JSON to Fields

Generator analyzes your open database and helps you create a field map between the fields in your database and the data elements in the JSON data

Generate Script Steps

Once the fields are mapped, you click a button and the ready-to-use FileMaker scripts are generated and placed on your clipboard.


Copy and paste the pre-integrated script steps into your FileMaker app. They will connect up to the fields in your app automatically.


Generator requires FileMaker 15 or higher. The FileMaker Scripts it generates work with FileMaker 12 through 18, so once the scripts are in your own file, you can use any version of FileMaker after 12.

Email support questions to support@geistinteractive.com


Chiyoko Yoshida of Chiyofm created the theme for Generator. In addition to being a great FileMaker Developer, Chiyo is an awesome artist.

The Base Elements plugin is required. It’s freely provided by Goya. You can download it here.

Want to help?

Generator is an open source tool.  You are free to do with it as you wish.  We hope that you’ll consider contributing back any useful features you come up with. We manage the project on GitHub. If you have ideas, please post them to the issue tracking there.