FileMaker Barcode Creator

No Plugins, No Fonts, No Web Services, No Server – Just FileMaker

FileMaker Barcode Creator

Add barcodes to any FileMaker solution!

  • Generates 19 popular barcode types, including QR Codes.
  • Works with FileMaker Go, FileMaker Pro, and FileMaker WebDirect
  • EPS support on Mac Desktops
  • Winner of an FBA Excellence Award!

If FileMaker Go can scan it, Barcode Creator can create it!

Pure FileMaker

Barcode Creator is 100% FileMaker; no additives or secret ingredients. Barcodes are generated by FileMaker scripts.  There aren’t even any custom functions.

EPS and PNG Images

Barcode Creator generates PNG images on all FileMaker supported devices and browsers. In addition, it can generate EPS files on Mac desktop computers. See the documentation for more info.

We’re bidding on an iPad project for our largest customer and rendering barcodes was a major hurdle! Thanks to Barcode Creator, that problem is no more!

FileMaker Barcode
  • Documentation and Support

    There is extensive documentation for each of the symbologies that we support.

  • Heavily Tested

    Before release, Barcode Creator has to pass an automated test that involves rendering, scanning and verifying 10,000 random barcodes. If it doesn’t pass, it doesn’t get released.

  • Completely Unlocked

    When you buy Barcode Creator, you get complete access to the code. It is completely unlocked.

  • Perfect Companion to FileMaker Go

    FileMaker Go can scan barcodes; and now with Barcode Creator you can create them as well.

  • Great For Inventory

    Use Barcode Creator to create barcode labels for all your products. Take inventory with FileMaker Go!

  • It’s Not Rocket Science

    It’s quick and easy to install. It’s easy to use too!

FileMaker Barcodes


  • Site License
  • $199
  • For any number of devices deployed at one location or with one company in the case of mobile devices.
  • Developer License
  • $349
  • Use with any number of clients that have less than 25 users. Use this license if you are a FileMaker developer and you want to include Barcode Creator with all or some of your custom client projects.
  • Redistribution License
  • $699
  • For unlimited devices with a single vertical market solution. Use this license if you want to include Barcode Creator with a solution you sell to many clients.

FileMaker 19 Compatible

Barcode Creator works on the entire FileMaker 18 Platform out of the box.

  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker WebDirect
  • FileMaker Server-Side Scripts
  • Perform Script on Server

It also works on FileMaker 12 through 19.

FileMaker 12 Support

Barcode Creator also works with FileMaker 12, but it requires the free BaseElements Plugin to perform one function that is not available in FileMaker 12.

Documentation and Support

Barcode Creator is fully documented. There are complete instructions for installing it into your solution and how to use it. There is also extensive documentation on each of the symbologies that Barcode Creator supports.

Watch this video, to see how to test Print Barcode Labels using the free demo file