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JavaScript for FileMaker: C3

…types. Use to create a dashboard of many graphs (possibly combine with the DataTables library). Allow users to add or remove data or to change the type of graph. Here is just a partial list of the possible options: Choose many types of graphs Add more than one chart to a web viewer to show different data Change the colors of individual bars or lines Change the range on the y-axis Add a 2nd y-axis on the right Create a composite chart: two differen…


FileMaker Date Range Picker Integration

…to work with this FileMaker Date Range Picker, just as we’ve done now with DataTables and C3 Charts. In this post, I’ll summarize the key points of the video and point out the sections of the 45 minute tutorial. Also in this video, we examine a few ways to spread this integration to any part of your custom app. It’s the first time we’ve talked about this specifically, but I’ll bring it up in a future video. Here’s the file if you want to follow al…


DevCon 2018 Training Day: A lot of us want to learn JavaScript

…aining session by working on an integration. Phillip Jaffe worked with the DataTables integration, and Logan Cornelius worked with the C3 Charting library. Through text messages or on SLACK or in person, I worked together with them to get their libraries integrated and to talk about the nuances of the library. We met at the Geist Interactive booth or in the hallway to get it worked out. Both attendees got their work done by the second day of the c…


JavaScript at FileMaker DevCon 2019

…your copy ‘fails’. I have a plan in case you can’t view the C3Chart or the DataTables or the PivotTable. The only extremely-vital one is the Code Editor test. See yah in just a month! And get ready for JavaScript at FileMaker DevCon. Downloads The following list of downloads reflects what we did during the FileMaker & JavaScript session. More is coming soon. JS Test File: test your machine to be ready for the training Download Session Slides: The…


WidgetStudio: FileMaker Value Add

…g (including multiple columns), as-you-type filtering, and pagination, the DataTables widget is your solution. When you need to chart a lot of data, all the charting solutions are useful. Progress bars can show the progress of a project. A Data tree can be used to show data in a tree. And there’s many more. The value add by WidgetStudio is that these widgets are created in a very short amount of time. There’s really no comparison. Creating a pivot…


FileMaker 19 Execute FileMaker Data API Script Step

…idgets that I know well. Here’s an example of the result being placed into DataTables: Love that Dark Mode! This was easy. The library can accept multiple forms of data, including JSON. So my set up was simple: Notice the highlighted part. I was able to use “fieldData.FirstName” as the key for Data Tables to pull from each element of the array (the field on the right). That’s good stuff. Onward We will be back in future blog posts talking more abo…