fmQBO 1.0.0 beta


Thank You

Thank you trying out the beta of fmQBO. This page will have the latest information on the beta program, and contain links to the latest versions of fmQBO.

Documentation and Getting Started

We have a draft version of the documentation available online.  It contains step by step guides, API reference material, and descriptions of the key concepts behind fmQBO.  Please check it out.  We would love to get your feedback (see below) on the documentation.  What could we do better? What part didn’t make sense?  What other documentation would you like to see.

It is a draft and hasn’t gone to the proof readers yet so you will see typos.

Watch this super Fast Quick Start video on getting connected!

Licenses and Pricing

You can get a free demo license that lasts 14 days.  Open fmQBODeveloper and navigate to “Settings”. You’ll see a button on that page for a getting a test license. Pricing will be set soon.

Feedback and Support

If you have questions or feedback, please send them in an email to  That is the primary channel we will be using through the beta process.  We may have a user forum in the future.  Let us know if you would like a user forum.


Current Version  - released, - version history


Known Issues

We have a list of known issues. You can see it here.

Click the 'Downloads' button above to get the fmQBO 1.0.0 beta downloads.

We ask you for your email in exchange for downloading these example files. It helps us judge what types of content and examples our customers or potential customers are interested in. If you have an account and are logged in you will not have to enter your email and password again.

Thank you!

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