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FileMaker Development Services

We combine decades of FileMaker experience with a deep understanding of the modern internet ecosystem to build or extend innovative custom FileMaker applications and integrations.

FileMaker Custom Applications

Geist Interactive has decades of experience building FileMaker applications for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a custom app, or a Custom Application Network, our team can get the job done.

FileMaker Mobile Applications

Our first to market FileMaker mobile sync solution, GoZync has given us the opportunity to help hundreds of companies sync thousands and thousands of iPads and iPhones with FileMaker.  The chances are very good that we have come across something similar to your mobile use case.

FileMaker Web Applications

As one of the pioneers in fully embracing JavaScript, Node.js and React into the FileMaker ecosystem, we can go further than just getting your FileMaker application online. We leverage modern open source frameworks like React and Node to bring accessibility, exceptional user experience, and scale to any FileMaker application

FileMaker Integrations

The FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform is uniquely good at custom integration and our team is exceptionally good at using it to great effect. Whether your system needs to integrate with SaaS applications like QuickBooks Online, or services like Twilio, or enterprise systems like Microsoft Dynamics, our team has the skills and the experience to get the job done.