Here you will find a selection of videos from our blog.

One of Generator’s primary jobs is to remove the tedium of doing the same thing over and over again.  Not only is it boring, but it is error prone. Generator v2.0.6 makes it even easier to go from JSON to database fields. Thanks to Tim Neudecker for recording this. Thanks to Tim Neudecker for recording this.

Back when we shipped the original JSONCustom Function Library, we adopted rigorous testing as part of our development process. Testing FileMaker custom functions proved incredibly valuable.

FileMaker Calculations are everywhere, not just in fields and script steps. They are all over your layouts, in your custom menus and even in your security settings. They might just be the heart and soul of your FileMaker system. But they are scattered all over the place, which makes them hard to track. FMPerception has a […]

If you turn on the Filemaker Top Call Stats log, FileMaker Server will log the longest running operations, during a log interval.  It saves up to 25 calls per logging interval. This is a great resource to help find those areas of your database that might not be performing well. But it is difficult to read. […]