FileMaker Developer Tools and Add-ons

GoSign v3 – FileMaker Signature Capture

Advanced Signature Capture for Filemaker Pro and FileMaker Go. Works with touch screens or Scriptel Signature Pads.

FileMaker Barcode Creator

Barcode Creator is 100% Pure FileMaker. No additives or secret ingredients. FileMaker Barcodes are generated by FileMaker scripts. There aren't even any custom functions.

FMPerception – Realtime Developer Intelligence

Have a question about the structure of your FileMaker custom app? Don't wait for long analysis reports to run or settle for stale data. Get the answer now, so you can keep developing.


Generator is a code generation tool for FileMaker. It takes the grunt work out of writing FileMaker Scripts and makes working with JSON and Web APIs a snap. It also happens to be FREE and open source.


Find hidden corruption in your DDR that might be preventing you from using an analysis tool like FMPerception or causing problems in your solution.

FileMaker Drawing Tool – GoDraw

Add a full featured drawing application to FileMaker Pro. Annotate or draw on photos. Lots of drawing tools and highly customizable.

FileMaker Sync for Pro, Go, and iPad: GoZync

Sync your FileMaker Go files anytime, anywhere, and use them offline. Update and deliver new builds without using cumbersome workarounds

Otto – Automated FileMaker DataMigration and Developer Operations

Automated File Migrations and Developer Operations. Otto does what you want your FileMaker Server to do... Ottomatically

FileMaker QuickBooks Online – FileMaker Accounting

Eliminate duplicate data entry and the daily frustrations associated with keeping both systems up-to-date.

Karbon – FileMaker Application Framework

Karbon is a FREE framework for building ambitious custom FileMaker applications for the modern era. By "ambitious" we mean large complex business applications of significant value that will be around for a while.

WidgetStudio – FileMaker WebViewer Widgets For Everyone

WidgetStudio makes it easy to use, design and share powerful interface widgets, like calendars, gauges, charts, and timers. Pick from the constantly growing set of included widgets or build your own.


FMComparison will give you an actionable list of differences between any two FileMaker Files. Yes, you need this.