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Geist Interactive has worked with many companies over the years. Here are a few of the more interesting projects we worked on.

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Gathering Data for FileMaker Charting, Part 1

The FileMaker Charting object can be mastered by understanding its data sources.We will look at the three sources and how to collect data for it.

Like a Boss: FileMaker JSON Parsing with Generator

FileMaker 16's game-changing JSON functions give us native ability to parse a JSON object. Our free tool, Generator, makes that even easier. Follow along in this post or in the video and see how Generator will do 80% of the work for you!

Native FileMaker: More than Meets the Eye

Native FileMaker consists of so much more than scripts and fields and tables. We can leverage the entire platform and use all of native FileMaker.

San Diego User Group: March Meeting

The San Diego User Group meeting is scheduled and full of great topics. We'll look at Geist Interactive's Generator and Testable FileMaker Solutions

Geist Interactive at FileMaker DevCon 2018

Geist Interactive is proud to be a Diamond Level sponsor at FileMaker DevCon 2018. The whole team will be there sharing our love of the platform.

Like a Boss: Let us Discuss the FileMaker Let Function

The FileMaker Let function is your tool to make a calculation readable, well formatted and easy to debug. Let us discuss how it can be used.

Like a Boss: Exploring all of the FileMaker Data Viewer

The FileMaker Data Viewer is an essential tool for reviewing current scripts or data in a record or the file in general. It is a must for every developer. In this post we will look at all you can do with the tool.

Like a Boss: Using the Script Debugger to its Full Potential

The FileMaker Script Debugger is powerful. Its features are often overlooked. In this post we examine the buttons that control stepping through a script.

Learn FileMaker Like a Boss

In this new series "Learn FileMaker Like a BOSS!" we explore techniques and concepts and tools that will help developers become better at what they do. It is our goal to remind people of all that is out there and to bring those new to FileMaker up into more advanced development faster.