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Geist Interactive has worked with many companies over the years. Here are a few of the more interesting projects we worked on.

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Like a Boss: FileMaker Custom Functions

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FileMaker custom functions, available to everyone with FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced, gives us more control on customizing our custom apps. Let's take a look at what custom functions are and how they can be used.

PauseOnError New Orleans 2018: Standing Tall with Others

PauseOnError 2018, led by the Women of FileMaker, was an intimate and inspiring gathering set in a beautiful hotel in a beautiful city. The diversity of topics gave everyone plenty of concepts and techniques and thoughts on which to ponder.

FileMaker 17 Features: When to use all the new shiny things, part 1

Congratulations. You've upgraded to the latest version of the FileMaker platform. That's a good thing. We always recommend folks do that quickly. There's compelling reasons to keep your app fresh. The FileMaker platform, in its current 17 version…

The Tools of FileMaker Pro Advanced

FileMaker Pro Advanced 17 gives everyone the full developer tools in the platform to be efficient in development and analysis. We review all the tools finally available.

FileMaker 17 - Why I Don't Care About 17, But Love the FileMaker Platform

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FileMaker is not a Product it is a Platform. Platforms are different. They don't really have a product release every 2 to 4 years. They have regular releases of whatever is ready to go. That's why I don't care much about the number 17.

Like a Boss: The FileMaker Database Design Report

The FileMaker Database Design Report exposes the DNA of a custom app, showing where a field or calculation is used. The report is invaluable to a developer.

Todd Geist on the Adatasol Podcast

Last week, the Adatasol FileMaker Podcast, hosted by Dan Weiss of Adatasol interviewed Todd. He spoke about Geist Interactive: our history, where we are, and things we love.

You can Do JavaScript

We are FileMaker Developers. That means we can be JavaScript developers as well. We can learn and use JS in our work to enhance our custom FileMaker apps. Let's explore why we can and learn JavaScript.

Realtime Developer Intelligence

Have you ever been deep into a complex FileMaker script and realized you need to know something about the structure of the app?  Maybe you need to know where a custom function is used, or what scripts call the script you are working on. What do you do?