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Dave Ramsey on the Adatasol Podcast Talking FMPerception

Dave Ramsey sat down with Dan and Nick from Adatasol to discuss FMPerception, a tool that went from "Hey, can I process XML outside of FileMaker?" to an invaluable part of the FileMaker Developer's toolbox.

GoCreate: A GoDraw3 Contest at FileMaker DevCon 2018

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We love FileMaker DevCon and GoDraw3, so we're putting on a contest to find the most creative use of the product. Join us and GoCreate!

Common Questions: The FileMaker Master-Detail Portal

The new Master-Detail portal is a portal, but it is a found set list. There've been some questions going around the forums about this new feature. Since it is a new feature, it does require some new thinking. Read on.

Use JavaScript Without Knowing JavaScript

You know me. I enjoy working with JavaScript. I learned it from my context of a FileMaker developer, and I think everyone can and should consider using it in some aspect of their work. We all can adopt a FileMaker integration. This year I'm…

Common Questions: FileMaker Default Fields

The new FileMaker default fields feature in the latest release of the platform makes our development that much easier. Let's consider their effective use.

Don't Mess with FileMaker DevCon: A First-timer's Guide

For folks who are experiencing FileMaker DevCon for the first time, we provide a guide to the entire conference so that you know how to take advantage of all that the conference has to offer.

FIleMaker 17: Perform Script by Name

FileMaker 17 introduces a new script step: Perform Script by Name.  FileMaker Devs have been asking for this feature for a long time. It sounds like a useful idea, but we should probably try to understand how it works before we just adopt it willy-nilly, for all our script calling needs.  Let's explore this idea together.

Editor: The Rich-Text Editor Add-On For FileMaker

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Editor is THE rich-text editing tool for FileMaker. It is familiar for users and flexible for developers. Editor provides a full-suite of text-formatting tools for writing projects such as notes and blog posts. The formatting is saved, and can be retrieved for further editing. Editor is the best way to provide formatted text for FileMaker.

San Diego User Group Meeting: The Newest FileMaker Platform Release

The newest release of the FileMaker platform is here, and we're excited to discuss it's game-changing features and the continuous improvement of the platform.