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Geist Interactive has worked with many companies over the years. Here are a few of the more interesting projects we worked on.

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Announcing WidgetStudio - FileMaker WebViewer Widgets

WidgetStudio makes it easy to use, design and share powerful interface widgets, like calendars, gauges, charts, and timers. Pick from the constantly growing set of included widgets or build your own. Freely share them with your customers or friends.

Otto Webinar

Join us for a free webinar about Otto, our Automated Deployment and Dev-Ops utility for FileMaker Server. Otto handles the tedious, and error-prone tasks of transferring files to servers and performing data migrations.  If you regularly have…

Otto v1.6.1 Released

We are releasing a major upgrade to Otto, our powerful Data Migration and Developer Operations tool. Otto automates the complex and error-prone process of migrating and upgrading FileMaker solutions, making it a key component of your Workplace Innovation Platform.

FIleMaker Script Steps Reference: Worth the look

The Script Step reference pages in FileMaker's help is a useful source for all developers, new and experienced alike. It's worth our look once in awhile. There's a lot to learn and to be reminded of on each page.

FileMaker Help Functions: Always more to learn

The FileMaker help functions pages are a worthy set of documents to review many times in a developer's career. There's a lot of information about each function. Here we take a look at the pages and see how their set up.

Geist Interactive Hosts Local CIO/CTO Focus

Geist Interactive is sponsoring the CIO/CTO Focus event series. The next event will be Feb 19, 2019, and will feature a discussion with leading Chief Information & Chief Technology Officers (CIO & CTOs) from the area. Todd Geist, CEO of Geist Interactive will be moderating the event. Register using the link below.

FileMaker Help: A Worthwhile Read

The FileMaker help guide is a useful set of documents, and we can use the context-sensitive help feature to get to the relevant help pages quickly. It is worth our time to review what is written.

Happy Holidays & End Of Year Sale

We at Geist Interactive, Barbara, Dave, Lance, Jeremy and Todd (and the ghosts) wish everyone a happy holiday. No matter your celebration plans this season, we wish it to be full of warmth and love and joy. Thank you for coming along with…

You Can Help. One Spark Fundraiser

In years past many of you FileMaker people have supported our non-profit learning center, One Spark Academy, with an end of the year tax-deductible donation. We are very grateful. This year, due to some terrible tragedies, we need your help more than ever.
End of Year Holiday Sale - 20% off Everything - use discount HOLIDAY2018