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Geist Interactive has worked with many companies over the years. Here are a few of the more interesting projects we worked on.

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Like a Boss: FileMaker Script Compatibility

The FileMaker Script Compatibility tool ensures that each script runs correctly everywhere in the platform. Developers should use it all the time.

Ledger Link: Getting Started

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It is always good to know how to get started with any product. And in this video, Barbara Cooney takes us through how to do just that with LedgerLink. Follow along with Barbara as she helps you get started using LedgerLink: Key Points …

Karbon Update: Transaction Logs

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We need to do better logging in Karbon, both developer logging at design time, and process logging at runtime. This video covers some of the progress we have made towards solidifying our approach to login.

FileMaker Date Range Picker Integration

A FileMaker date range picker is easy to implement, customize, and connect to our custom app, thanks to JavaScript. Watch the video and follow along.

Like a Boss: FileMaker Perform Script on Server

We all want our custom apps to be faster, right? As problem solvers, we design our system and complex processes to happen quickly so that the user can get on with her task. Well one method we have at our fingertips is "Perform Script on Server". Let's discuss this script step, its features and things to watch out for. As we study it and use it properly, we'll use this script step like a boss.

LedgerLink Feature: Adding Attachments

LedgerLink now features the ability to add attachments and sync those to Quickbooks Online just like any other data. Read on for more info.

Karbon Webinar - Getting Started

Free webinar introducing Karbon our free application framework for building ambitious custom business applications. If you are interested in using the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform at a high level you'll probably want to see what we have cooked up.

FileMaker Interactive Charts with Javascript and C3

In this post and video, we look at creating FileMaker Interactive Charts with the maybe the most powerful escape hatch in the professional Filemaker developer's toolkit, JavaScript!

Using DataTables in FileMaker

Using DataTables in FileMaker is an innovative way to provide a full set of functionality with very little set up time. Here we explore how to set it up.