Claris January 25th Webinar recap

Hello folks,  In case you weren’t able to attend Claris’s webinar earlier today, here are some key messages we heard. Claris presentation Brad Freitag (CEO) kicked it off with a few framing points: Claris views their core purpose and value as helping more organizations solve hard problems with technology. Freitag noted that the keys to their success are developers, products, recruiting, having a free tier, and their mission to enable and engage.  “Without you [the dev], we deliver nothing.”  – […]

The Context Podcast by Proof+Geist

The Context Podcast: Pause on Production Part 2 — Interviews from PauseOnError Attendees

Featuring: Description: In the scenic mountains of north Georgia, open-minded attendees gathered together to connect, learn, and grow with one another. In this episode, our guests focus on why PauseOnError differs from traditional tech conferences and how it ignites new perspectives.  We continue our series on stories from Pause, sitting down with David “Sully” Sullivan, Brian Panhuyzen, Jonathan Nicoletti, and April Barman to hear about their experiences; whether it’s laying down the law as water balloon sheriff, exploring FileMaker from […]

Claris FileMaker Server 19.6 is here

Claris FileMaker 19.6 Server: what’s new Claris continues to deliver new versions–this is a BIG one. With version 19.6 of FileMaker Server (FMS), you’ll see improvements in performance and security. Some features will seem familiar if you’ve used the Claris FileMaker platform for a while and others are new to everyone. Previously, Claris rebuilt the Admin Console interface and removed the Java-based web-console with the release of FileMaker Server 17. That meant FMS gained some features yet also lost some […]