Resizing Captured Signatures

This post is a direct response to a support request I got from a customer earlier today.  The question was how do you change the size of the captured signature?  It isn’t too hard, but unless people are real familiar with how the web viewer works they might miss some of the key steps.  So I thought I would throw together a little demo file and screen cast to show how  it is done. First, here is the idea behind […]

Spaces in FileMaker Variable Names

I just came across an interesting little FileMaker quirk.  The “Set Variable” script step does not allow you to begin the variable name with a space. But you can declare variables with the Let Statement can also declare variables and they can start with a Space. For example: If you try to use the “Set Variable” script step to declare this variable “$$ StartedWithSpace”, it will not let you.  However if you evaluate the following Let Statement: Let( [ $$ […]

Announcing GoSign v1.0 – Signature Capture for FileMaker Go

Nov 22, 2010, Newbury Park, CA. Geist Interactive is proud to announce the release of GoSign v1.0.  GoSign makes it easy to add signature capture to any FIleMaker Go solution. With GoSign you can incorporate Signature Capture into any FileMaker Go work flow.  It only takes about 15 minutes to integrate into any solution. Signatures are captured and stored as Base64 encoded data:urls which makes them easy to display in web viewers or to embed into HTML email.  You can […]