Business Innovation Machine

The Software as a Service disruptive wave is cresting. The economics favor a new approach to Business Innovation with software. As with any disruption this one is will generate lots of opportunity. We call our approach to taking advantage of this opportunity building a “Business Innovation Machine”, which we define as the following:

The unique, adaptable, intentionally-built network of applications, services, devices and people, which defines and powers an innovative business”

Here is an outline of our premise.

  1. SaaS applications and services available to any one on the internet are getting very good. They have the resources to keep improving at ever quickening pace.
  2. Integrating different applications together is getting easier.
  3. The network effect created by 1 and 2 is so powerful that many organizations are building networks of applications without realizing what they are doing it or why they are doing it?
  4. Because they don’t understand the economic impact of this new paradigm the invest in the wrong areas, building systems they don’t need, and ignoring the benefits of integration.
  5. Understanding how this disruptive wave works, and what benefits it provides can help organizations decide what to build, what to buy, and how to manage the distributed nature of the custom application network, they must build!
  6. FileMaker is the perfect platform to solve the technical aspects of this problem, because it is full stack, and has few relevant limits.
  7. We can help you by becoming the Geist in your Business Innovation Machine.


If you’re ready to find out how we can help, please contact us.

Connect your Business Innovation Machine to Quickbooks Online with

LedgerLink, is the anchor node of our own Business Innovation Machine, because it lets us “script our financial app”.

Find out what it can do for yours.