One Spark – For the Future

How do we prepare the next generation for a world where the only constant will be change? A world where the jobs they will hold consist of skills that haven’t been invented yet; in which they will have to re-tool many times in their adult lives to adjust to the changing needs of society? We teach them to love learning. Thats what we do at One Spark Academy, and thats why Geist Interactive is a proud to be major supporter. Read more

Lock FileMaker Records Open

Sometimes you want to make sure that once a user opens a record it remains “locked” until the user is done with it. Unless you as the developer take special measures, the user can close the record and commit the changes simply by clicking on the layout. So how do you do we keep that record open? Read more

WebDirect Script Triggers That Don’t Trigger

Many solutions use Script Triggers like On Record Commit or On Object Exit to ensure that records are updated correctly.  This works great on FileMaker Pro. But if you are deploying with Web Direct, and relying on Script Triggers  to enforce business logic and database integrity, I suggest you stop, right now. It simply doesn’t work.

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DevCon Sale Extended

We are extending our FileMaker DevCon Sale until the end of July, 2015. Get 15% off all our products.

  • Barcode Creator – create barcodes with just FileMaker
  • GoSign – Signature capture for FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro
  • GoDraw – drawing add on for FileMaker Pro and Filemaker Go
  • fmQBO – Connect FileMaker to Quickbooks Online

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Geist Interactive Wins Award at FileMaker DevCon 2015

Todd Geist, founder of Geist Interactive, was awarded the FBA Excellence Award for Development Leadership at the 2015 FileMaker Developer’s conference.  The award was given out for the work Todd did on evangelizing the Selector Connector Design Pattern.

I am honored to receive this award. Collaboration and sharing are an important part of building a thriving ecosystem to support the FileMaker Platform. I wish to thank Jason Young ( @terapicodata ) of SeedCode for the collaboration that lead to our codifying Selector Connector. In truth he deserves to share this award with me, for he contributed just as much as I did. I doubt Selector Connector would have become so popular with out him.

 – Todd Geist

This marks the second year in a row that Geist Interactive received an FBA Excellence Award.  Last year, Barcode Creator received the Commercial Product of the Year Award.

GoSign v3.5 Supports Scriptel Signature Pads

We are excited to announce the release of GoSign 3.5 with support for Scriptel Signature Pads. Scriptel has a complete line of signature capture devices that work on both Macs and PCs. With GoSign, these devices can now easily connect to any FileMaker Pro 12 or greater solution. This makes GoSign and Scriptel the perfect combination for FileMaker “point of sale” type solutions, or any other scenario where you need to capture signatures into your FileMaker solution.

Watch this video to see how easy it is.

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Barcode Creator Updated to v1.2.0

The award winning Barcode Creator has been updated to v1.2.  This new version can generate QR codes faster than previous versions, and performs a more compact encoding of Japanese characters.  This minor update is recommended for users who are using QR codes or Japanese characters.

Its a free upgrade for all current users, who can log into their account at and download it today. If you didn’t get an account when you purchased, send an email to and we will get the new version to you. Please include the original email that was used to make the purchase.

Barcode Creator is the easiest way to create barcodes with FileMaker. It doesn’t need plugins, fonts, or servers. It works on the entire FileMaker platform. It supports FileMaker versions 12, 13 and 14.  It takes just a couple of minutes to install.

FileMaker Account

FileMaker QuickBooks Connector – fmQBO Released!

We are excited to finally and officially release fmQBO, our FileMaker to QuickBooks Online Connector.  You can use fmQBO to connect to QuickBooks Online with FileMaker Scripts.  It runs on Macs & PCs.  It also includes a free developer tool that actually writes some of the FileMaker Scripts for you. We worked hard to make fmQBO the most powerful and flexible FileMaker QuickBooks Online connection utility available.

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Barcode Creator – Filemaker QR Codes

We are very excited to release Barcode Creator v1.1.  Last year, Barcode Creator won Commercial Product of the Year. But we didn’t stop there. Today it gets three new symbologies, including QR Code. It also gets a nice image rendering speed boost. Barcode Creator v1.1 is available today on our web store. Read more

One Spark Academy 2014

As many of you know, my wife and I founded a non profit learning center a few years back called One Spark Academy.  I wanted to update our friends, followers and supporters on the progress we have made in the 4 years since we got started, and to ask those of you have not already donated to our year-end campaign if you would consider doing so.  We are so close to our goal of raising $10,000, and you could be the one to put us over the top.

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