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Announcing proSign v1.0

Geist Interactive is proud to announce the release of proSign v1.0. proSignp makes it easy to add signature capture to any FileMaker Pro solution. Signatures can be captured using any touch pad or pen and tablet input device. No special hardware is required. It runs on both Mac and PC. It requires FileMaker Pro version […]

Resizing Captured Signatures

This post is a direct response to a support request I got from a customer earlier today.  The question was how do you change the size of the captured signature?  It isn’t too hard, but unless people are real familiar with how the web viewer works they might miss some of the key steps.  So […]

Spaces in FileMaker Variable Names

I just came across an interesting little FileMaker quirk.  The “Set Variable” script step does not allow you to begin the variable name with a space. But you can declare variables with the Let Statement can also declare variables and they can start with a Space. For example: If you try to use the “Set […]

GoSign v0.8 Released

I am very excited to announce my first actual product for sale here at Geist Interactive.  GoSign – easy signature capture for FileMaker Go!  Using GoSign you can add signature capture to any FileMaker Go application in about ten minutes. The core technique involves using a WebViewer to display a jquery based JavaScript/HTML5 application that […]

FM GO Geolocation

UPDATE: I just added a new screen that shows your location too So I have come up with a method to get Geolocation data into FileMaker.  I am using only native FileMaker scripting and layouts. 100 percent pure FileMaker goodness, made from all natural organic free range sustainable scripts.  No web services, no FileMaker Server, […]

FileMaker Go is Whole New Platform

I have to say I just love this thing! FileMaker Go is much more than just a way to access FileMaker Databases on your iOS device. It represents the beginning of a whole new platform. There is quite simply, no easier way to develop database driven iOS apps than with FileMaker.  I have to believe […]

FileMaker Go and Transactions

First let me say I love FileMaker Go. I have been waiting for this for a long time. I can’t wait to start deploying on it but right now I need to get the word out about  what happens when FileMaker Go is sent to the background by an incoming phone call, or by the […]

Inventory Transactions

Well I am back on my soap box preaching about transactions. :-).  This time I was inspired by the Invoice starter solution that comes with FileMaker 11. I was pleased to see that it does not use an un-stored calculation to keep track of the quantity of inventory items on hand. Instead it uses a […]

Teaching FileMaker to Send Alerts to an iPhone

Image by jblyberg via Flickr Recently I had the need to send alerts to my iPhone from my FileMaker system.  I started using Twitter, and while that works ok, the alerts would get lost in my twitter stream. I needed something that would make different sounds based on what kind of alert was coming in. […]