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Feedback and Thank You!

First, I want to take a moment to say “thank you” to every one who came to my session at DevCon. I had a lot of fun doing it, and the feedback I have received through email and through my website has been really positive.  This makes me really happy! I just received my evaluations […]

FileMaker + JQuery + Reactor + UniForm = Cool

I have been working on building some Rich UIs for FileMaker using the Rector Plugin from Digital Fusion.  I really like this plugin. It lets me do just about anything I want with FileMaker Web Viewers. In this little example video, I show off a custom login screen built with JQuery,  Uni-form, and Reactor.

Passing Multiple Parameters

UPDATE: this post is quite old. I still thing custom functions are not as portable as they should be. However in any complex solution I use the custom functions. The ones I use are from modularfilemaker.org Whats the best way to pass multiple parameters to a script?  Many people use custom functions to package up […]

GoZync Podcast

While John Sindelar and I were doing our West Coast FmPug tour we sat down with Matt Navarre to do a podcast. Actually we didn’t sit, we stood, but you get the idea.  We talked about the upcoming release of GoZync, and a bunch of other things, like the MacBook Air, Transactions and well … […]

LiveCode Application Browser Hack

I was complaining to Richard Gaskin of FouthWorld about how LiveCode’s Application Browser showed plugin stacks. I almost never want to see those there. They just get in the way.  Richard convinced me that I could create a Patcher Stack that would solve the problem. So I did. I created a stack that installs a […]

Why Go Local?

When FileMaker Go first shipped, I wrote about it being a whole new platform. The opportunity that it presented was so big that I thought FileMaker Go would be come the first Platform that I would build for. But in the months after the release, I didn’t even use it much myself. I was curious […]

Get Front Tab Names With Out Recursion

For years I have been using a recursive custom function to get a list of all the Selected Tab Panels on a layout.  This works quite well, but in my current project I wanted to get rid of all custom functions. I didn’t really want to use a looping script. I wanted a pure calculation […]

FileMaker And Sencha Touch

UPDATE:   I got re-tweeted by Sencha Inc. it blew out my bandwidth at screencast.com. That is totally cool! I have been doing a lot of work with JavaScript lately. Specifically looking at how to build cross platform mobile web apps that connect to FileMaker.  There are some pretty cool libraries available out there that […]

Speaking at DevCon 2011

After taking a couple of years off,  I am happy to announce that I will once again be speaking at the FileMaker Developer’s conference.  The 2011 conference will be held in San Diego, CA, August 2-5, 2011 (Tuesday-Friday). I am very excited to be doing this again. I thoroughly enjoy speaking about FileMaker and can’t wait […]