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Time and Place

In our work helping our customers go mobile with FileMaker Go, we have started to develop some ideas about what it means to be mobile. I am sure these are not new ideas to many who have been developing mobile apps from the beginning, but they were new to us. I thought I would share […]

GoDraw 1.0 – Drawing Extension for FileMaker Go

Newbury Park, CA – Jan 29, 2012 Geist Interactive today announces the release of GoDraw 1.0, a new drawing extension for FileMaker Go. GoDraw makes it easy to integrate simple drawing features into any FileMaker Go application. You can select different pen colors and thicknesses and draw with your finger right on the layout. With […]

GoDraw Preview 2

I am just wrapping up the final feature set and documention for GoDraw 1.0 for FileMaker Go. I wanted to post this little video, showing how you can use GoDraw to take a picture, draw on the Picture, save the picture to the FileMaker Database, and then attach the drawing to an email and send […]

GoDraw Sneak Peek Video

I have been working on a Drawing App for FileMaker Go.  It is coming along nicely.  You are able to draw with your finger, choose different pen colors and thicknesses. You can change the background image, and the background color as well. Plus, the full version will ship with at least 5 different themes for […]

FileMaker, Automator and iLife

This started out as a fun R & D project on how to use Automator with FileMaker.  It turned out pretty cool. So I decided to wrap it up into a nice demo file.  You can use the code in this file to select movies, music and photos from iLife and stick them into FileMaker.

GoSign 2.0 – Advanced Signature Capture Control for FileMaker Go

Newbury Park, California – Geist Interactive today is pleased to introduce GoSign 2.0 for iOS, a major update of their FileMaker Go extension that provides Advanced Signature Capture control, far surpassing the capabilities offered by the standard FileMaker Go. GoSign allows Signature capture anywhere in the layout, display of “Terms and Conditions” on the same […]

GoZync: Architecting For Mobile

FileMaker Go solutions that are installed locally on the iPhone or iPad provide a better over-all user experience because they are faster than hosted solutions and can work even when you don’t have a good connection. Once you decide to go down this path, you are faced with two problems. First how do you exchange data with […]

Booting Drupal

Well this has been brutal. But I finally managed to get my site redesigned, and migrated to a platform that won’t suck my time away.  I have traded in Drupal for WordPress.  After about 4 years of trying to grok Drupal, I gave up. Compared to WordPress, it is a complete mess.  In one day, […]

SOFA Recap

I had a great time at the Southern Ontario FileMaker Association meeting.  The weather was really nice. I didn’t even need to break out my winter coat. I want to thank Dave Pong for setting it up, and for getting the word out. Thanks to every one who came.

SOFA Meeting

I am speaking at the Southern Ontario FileMaker Association tonight.  I will be speaking on the Mobile Opportunity For FileMaker Developers. This should be fun. I haven’t been to this group in a long, long time.   Here is a link to the meeting info. Agenda The Mobile Opportuntity FileMaker Go gives FileMaker developers an easy way […]