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Generator v2.0.6

One of Generator’s primary jobs is to remove the tedium of doing the same thing over and over again.  Not only is it boring, but it is error prone. Generator v2.0.6 makes it even easier to go from JSON to database fields.

FileMaker 16 Data API and OAuth

You can log into the FileMaker 16 Data API with OAuth. At the time of this writing, there isn’t much in the way of documentation on how to do that.  In this article, we’ll show how it works and provide some sample code that you can use to get up and running fast.

FileMaker Calculation Analysis with FMPerception

FileMaker Calculations are everywhere, not just in fields and script steps. They are all over your layouts, in your custom menus and even in your security settings. They might just be the heart and soul of your FileMaker system. But they are scattered all over the place, which makes them hard to track. FMPerception has a […]