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Databuzz’s DocuSign Webhooks using Otto

Hello! We’re excited to share that Databuzz is doing some very cool things with Otto, as they’ve recently discussed on their blog. Databuzz is an FileMaker integration expert and awesome Claris Partner based in Sydney, Australia. They announced support for using Otto Webhooks as an alternative to the PHP files that they supply, beginning with their fmESignature Link product (DocuSign Edition). “Otto’s built in support for webhooks means you can use Otto to act as the receiver of the incoming […]

Communicating Dates and Deadlines

Written By: When Will This Be Done? We are always asked, “When will this be done?”. Sometimes by customers, sometimes by teammates. It can be tough to answer when we’re not sure if we can meet our delivery dates and deadlines. Remember, everyone involved has the same goals – to understand the current situation and make plans to the best of our ability. The complexity of our work can make planning unpredictable, and that’s frustrating for everyone. But remembering that […]