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JavaScript in FileMaker: The Learning Path to Take

With Claris FileMaker 19, there’s a new world of power opened for us in using web viewer widgets inside our applications. We can create and use calendars, tables, lists, date pickers, charts, data trees, data maps, and thousands of other widgets. With Claris FileMaker 19, there’s a whole lot more power given to the problem […]

Geist Interactive @ Claris Engage 2020

We at Geist Interactive are thrilled to be a part of the first ever Claris Engage, in this year 2020. Though this first event is a virtual one, we will be part of the the event in the 1’s and 0’s that make up cyberspace. There’s a lot going on, so let’s take a moment […]

Otto – Your Secret Business Weapon

Money For every business, it all comes down to money. The successful ones know where the money is spent and the benefits those investments provide. Expenditures must be justified with tangible benefits for the company. Period. That is, if the company is to continue. Time Time is a paradox. Time is both endless and impossibly, […]

The Context Podcast: Primary Keys in FileMaker

Todd and I talk about FileMaker Primary Keys today in the Context Podcast. Here’s the episode. Listen to it here. And here are the highlights. Well-Discussed Topic The topic of FileMaker primary keys gets talked about a lot in the community, and indeed I asked about it long ago. The Basics of FileMaker Primary Keys […]

Power up your Claris FileMaker Applications with JavaScript

Geist Interactive teamed up with Claris to produce a webinar focused on what JavaScript Can do for your FileMaker Apps. We also discussed how JavaScript fits perfectly into the FileMaker 19 Open Platform Release. Below are a list of resources, next steps and other online resources for people who attended the webinar. Here’s the video: […]

FileMaker 19: Shortcuts & NFC

This post is a summary of an episode of The Context Podcast, episode 40, release date 6/16/2020. In this episode, Cris Ippolite joins us to talk about Shortcuts and NFC. Those two features are the stated topic, but, of course, we touch on a lot of other things. So here’s a summary of what we […]