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Power up your Claris FileMaker Applications with JavaScript

Geist Interactive teamed up with Claris to produce a webinar focused on what JavaScript Can do for your FileMaker Apps. We also discussed how JavaScript fits perfectly into the FileMaker 19 Open Platform Release. Below are a list of resources, next steps and other online resources for people who attended the webinar. Here’s the video: […]

FileMaker 19: Shortcuts & NFC

This post is a summary of an episode of The Context Podcast, episode 40, release date 6/16/2020. In this episode, Cris Ippolite joins us to talk about Shortcuts and NFC. Those two features are the stated topic, but, of course, we touch on a lot of other things. So here’s a summary of what we […]

FileMaker 19: Creating FileMaker Add-ons

The most recent release of FileMaker Pro, version 19, the Claris’ first Open Platform Release. Todd has already talked about this. In his post, he describes the ways in which FileMaker the platform is opened to other developers coming in to add functionality. We at Geist Interactive worked closely with Claris to build FileMaker add-ons […]

FileMaker 19 & JavaScript: BFFs for Life

It’s well known that we have advocated for using JavaScript in Claris FileMaker for many years. Both yours truly and Todd, separately and now together, talk JavaScript and its use in our platform. Todd realized the language could be used in FileMaker since the moment the web viewer was introduced in FileMaker 8.5, and I. […]

Geist Interactive is Ready for FileMaker 19

Geist Interactive is ready for FileMaker 19. All of us are fully briefed on the new features, we’ve downloaded our copies, and we’re beginning to use the Open Platform for our clients. We are ready, and if you need us to build you add-ons or modules, if you need us to solve your problems (we […]

FMPerception 19: Ready for Claris FileMaker 19

FMPerception, the only Realtime Developer Intelligence Tool in the Claris Community, is ready for FileMaker Pro 19’s new and changed features. Dave Ramsey, the creator of the tool, has ensured that FMPerception will help you as you begin to use FileMaker 19 to create apps for your clients. FMPerception features, of course, change to reflect […]