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A Bit More about Proof+Geist

By now you’ve all heard the earth-shaking news: the merger between the Proof Group and Geist Interactive. The new company, Proof+Geist (the ‘+’ is silent, by the way), brings together the best of The Proof Group and Geist Interactive. All that you know about those separate entities are now as one. Now led by Ernest […]

Something is Happening here at Geist Interactive

Hello there 🙂 We have some exciting news to share with you. Geist Interactive has merged with the Proof Group to form Proof+Geist (the + is silent). This is an acceleration of our decades-long mission of empowering people to do great things, a mission we have always shared with the people at the Proof Group. […]

In-Product Add-ons: A Few More Things

It’s been a few weeks since the Claris FileMaker add-ons were put into the product. A lot has happened since then. People have explored them using the sample data and even their own. The community is now filled with questions about these new packages of functionality. People are discovering what can be done with them. […]


Claris FileMaker Add-ons: Add-on Events

We’re continuing our discussion of the new FileMaker 19 add-ons. Claris has released a great video on these add-ons, but, in this series of posts, we’re taking a deep dive into how the add-ons work. In this post we look at the FileMaker add-on events. Each FileMaker add-on comes with one or more events. A […]