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Awesome Cyber Monday Sale

That’s right, it is time for Geist Interactive’s   Awesome Cyber Monday Sale All of our products, renewals, and implementation packages are discounted big time! If the above image doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will! Act fast. This sale is going on for a limited time! There’s NO CODE needed. When you add items to your shopping […]


FileMaker Transactions: Editing records

The transactional method of working with records has one goal: to ensure all changes to records (additions, changes, or deletions) are done at once or not at all. We’ve talked about this before. The transactional method prevents some records in a discrete set (such as invoices and invoice line items) from being changed while others […]


FileMaker 18: Exploring all the While()

I am continuing my study of the new FileMaker 18 functions. We see this new release as a continuation of the dramatic change in FileMaker as a platform. Todd calls this new release the “End of the Beginning“. Therefore, it’s important to take a look at what’s new and see how game-changing each feature is. […]