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Reflections on FileMaker in 2023

I picked up my first copy of FileMaker 3 and wrote my first little database app in 1998. Twenty-five years later, I still find myself eagerly anticipating the next new release, hoping to try out the next cool feature that promises to keep this business of solving problems with software fun.  A lot has changed in the intervening years. The product has evolved and made significant transformations, gaining power and features. FileMaker started as a tool that hobbyists and professionals […]

Claris January 25th Webinar recap

Hello folks,  In case you weren’t able to attend Claris’s webinar earlier today, here are some key messages we heard. Claris presentation Brad Freitag (CEO) kicked it off with a few framing points: Claris views their core purpose and value as helping more organizations solve hard problems with technology. Freitag noted that the keys to their success are developers, products, recruiting, having a free tier, and their mission to enable and engage.  “Without you [the dev], we deliver nothing.”  – […]

Proof is here for you

As your school or organization works to adjust to the new COVID-19 landscape, no doubt there are lots of questions and uncertainty. We just want you to know that one thing you don’t have to worry about is support for your Proof systems. We have always been a virtual office company. We have experience being a productive remote team. We know the tools, the tricks, and the challenges. We’re here for you like we’ve always been. Get in touch with […]


I took some time this week to gather together and clean up the assorted powershell scripts I’ve written to make CLI admin of FileMaker Server (≥ 16) a little less tedious. There’s more to come–these are the core scripts to get the ball rolling. You can find the public release (MIT License) on github at https://github.com/ernestkoe/powershell-fms. As usual, all standard caveats apply. Cheers

FileMaker Code Generator for Paw

Hey folks, We are big fans of Paw here at Proof. Paw is an API tool that lets you create and test web API calls. The folks at Paw have done a pretty remarkable job of making the business of making API calls a thing of joy. If you are familiar with Postman, you’ll like Paw. While Postman is pretty cool, Paw has a few additional killer features that make it hard to beat for those of us who are […]