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When less smart is more smart

I love my smart home. I also feel really fortunate to have it, especially given how my wife and I are complete opposites when it comes to technology. She admires the simple practicality of pen and paper, while the computer nerd in me always tries to squeeze out any efficiency in my everyday process (which is lived mostly on a computer screen). It started with a light switch When we moved into our new house last summer, I was able […]

Easy external file storage with UploadCare

Written by Barbara Cooney and Eric Luce Use Case When you need to store a significant amount of container data, we have a solution that allows you to store the files in the cloud rather than worry about disk space. Curious how we do it? Read on. ​Container storage options Embedded Container data is usually embedded in the FileMaker file, so that your file does not have any dependencies. Everything is in one place so it’s easy to move around. […]

Faster Development with Claris FileMaker Snippets in Raycast

I love finding new and clever ways to make my computers work better for me. Clipboard manager is a productivity tool I use every day. It saves each bit of text I copy to my clipboard so when I go to paste I’m not limited by only the most recent item saved.  What if I could take this concept further by storing things I may want to paste again, accessing them easily and putting them back on the clipboard? While […]

Managing authentication for FileMaker-backed web apps

One of the wonderful things about Claris FileMaker is its ability to power web apps. However, doing so brings up questions about authentication. For instance, how do you allow a user to securely log into a web app? Once they’ve logged in, how can information about the user be easily collected, displayed, and changed according to the user’s role and permission set in that web app? For Next.js there is a great library to handle secure authentication: NextAuth. Because NextAuth […]