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Easy external file storage with UploadCare

Written by Barbara Cooney and Eric Luce Use Case When you need to store a significant amount of container data, we have a solution that allows you to store the files in the cloud rather than worry about disk space. Curious how we do it? Read on. ​Container storage options Embedded Container data is usually embedded in the FileMaker file, so that your file does not have any dependencies. Everything is in one place so it’s easy to move around. […]

Building a modular picker with an OnTimer Script

It’s common in Claris FileMaker to create picker windows. Imagine selecting a customer for many different parts of your app: Invoices, Work Orders, Sales Orders. How can you reuse the same customer picker and have the result from the picker target different tables? One technique that we use here at Proof+Geist is to use the Install OnTimer script step along with a handler script.  The components are: Calling script, with context-dependency Handler script, with context-dependency Picker window Picker select script […]