About Us

At Geist Interactive, we work on fun projects with fun people. We tackle interesting problems and sometimes turn them into awesome products. We have been using FileMaker since the early 90s and today we are taking FileMaker projects to the next level by mixing our decades of FileMaker experience with modern development practices, other programming languages, cloud infrastructure, and design.

We think FileMaker is a powerful tool, and we like to help people get better at using it, so they can take their own FileMaker projects to a whole nother level. Also we never met a buzzword we didn’t like.

Geist Interactive is led by Todd Geist, a long-time leader in the FileMaker Pro community. He has spoken at several FileMaker DevCons, and at Macworld here in the US and in the UK. He has also authored several articles for Advisor Magazine, and a chapter in the Migration Tech Brief published by FileMaker Inc.

  • What others say

    “Geist is the definitive word when dealing with FileMaker, web integration or database problems that make mere mortals shudder. When I need help, I call Todd.”
                  Ernest Koe, Co-Founder, ProofGroup, USA

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