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Towards A Better JavaScript Development Environment

Writing JavaScript in FileMaker is hard. Sure, the path is easy to see and clear to follow, but the actual writing of the code is hard. I have tried to find a way to write JS code that makes it fairly easy. And by “easy,” I mean “make it so that FileMaker developers don’t have to learn a hundred skills to get JS to work in FM – other than the JS itself.” I’m striving for a better JavaScript Development […]


Claris FileMaker Add-ons: Refreshing the Data

We’re continuing our discussion of the new FileMaker 19 add-ons. Claris has released a great video on these add-ons, but, in this series of posts, we’re taking a deep dive into how the add-ons work. In this post we look at how to use the FileMaker add-on refresh feature. The Point of the Add-ons In previous posts I’ve mentioned that the discussed feature is the point of the add-ons. I talked about how multiple instances is the point. Refetching the […]


Power up your Claris FileMaker Applications with JavaScript

Geist Interactive teamed up with Claris to produce a webinar focused on what JavaScript Can do for your FileMaker Apps. We also discussed how JavaScript fits perfectly into the FileMaker 19 Open Platform Release. Below are a list of resources, next steps and other online resources for people who attended the webinar. Here’s the video: Webinar Resources Here are links to all the libraries we used in the webinar. DataTables: Our number one library for creating a list view with […]


The JavaScript Library Library

Type Library Description Uses Charting C3 JS The C3 Charting library is one of the best libraries out there for charting. It gives us control over almost every pixel of the graph. We can update bar colors, text size, date and number formatting. There’s so much to customize.This library is powerful, but it is simple to set up. It taps into the powerful but confusing D3 JS library.It has 8.6K stars on and is used by 3.9K users. It […]