Last Thursday, we held our first-ever webinar that focused on Karbon, our Framework for Ambitious FileMaker Custom Apps. We briefly touched on Karbon’s purpose and position, Karbon’s data model, and Karbon’s API integration. We also spoke about our tool Generator that helps us generate 95% of the code needed for Karbon. Finally we looked at testing in Karbon and one specific integration with LedgerLink and Quickbooks Online.


The webinar was about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Here’s a breakdown of the main points:

  • 0:00:00–Welcome and introduction to Karbon.
  • 0:06:49–Getting started in Karbon
  • 0:09:45–Separation of concerns in Karbon
  • 0:14:45–Karbon’s data model
  • 0:22:12–Example API integrations
  • 0:28:50–Karbon  API scripts
  • 0:37:25–Karbon transaction logging
  • 0:39:31–Karbon Generator
  • 0:48:48–Karbon testing
  • 1:01:00–Karbon and LedgerLink
  • 1:05:29–How to participate
  • 1:07:16–Q & A

You can participate

As Todd mentioned in the webinar, you have the opportunity to participate. We’ve got three ways that you can get involved:

  1. Provide feedback and features.  We want to create an ecosystem of discussion around this framework to discuss ideas and features about Karbon. There’s great thoughts out there in the community, and we want to know those.
  2. Pay us to add features.
  3. Become a Patron. Support us through Patreon so that we can hire someone to work exclusively on Karbon.


We are excited about Karbon. It is ambitious for complex custom apps, and we think it is sorely needed in the community. We all need a framework from which to start. Karbon is it.

Stay tuned to Karbon’s main page for more information, more videos, and more excitement about Karbon.


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  2. […] FileMakerのトランザクションを使うと、レコードを確実に作成・編集・削除するために必要な完全なツールを手に入れることができます。前回はその背後にある考え方を示しました。今回は、FileMakerのトランザクションをどう開始するかについてです。我々が提供するKarbonフレームワークは、トランザクションを開始するときに見えないところでいろいろな処理をおこないますが、あなたのプロセスは非常にシンプルになります。Karbonをチェックするか、modulesfilemaker.orgのtransactionsモジュールを調べてみてください。どちらもトランザクションプロセスの全体を理解するための優れたサンプルです。 […]

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